Pacquiao-Mayweather is like Vega$ vs. Texa$

By Prof. Clifford Benton, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 7, 2010

QUEENS, N.Y. (BASN) — The better fight is not the one between the fighters vying for pound-for-pound supremacy; it’s the one between the possible hosts: Vegas and Texas.

Don’t get me wrong, Pacquiao-Mayweather is large and in charge, but it’s “light action” when compared to the battle between Vegas casinos and a win-at-all-cost, by-any-means-necessary and take-no-prisoners (excuse the clichés) kind of sho-bizman (a hybrid of showman and businessman) like Jerry Jones.

If you want to gauge Jerry Jones’ psyche, check out the scoreboard at the new Cowboys Stadium. This is a guy who refuses to be outdone.

And now he wants to literally enter the boxing arena.

I grew up with a few cats like Jerry Jones. I played games like Monopoly and Risk with dudes who would sabotage their chance to win to prevent you from winning — no hesitation.

If it comes down to who is willing to offer the biggest payday — ’cause that’s what the fighters ultimately want — Jones may offer something in the “stratosphere of the stupid” like $50 million guaranteed.

He might charge $100 bucks for the nosebleeds, $500 for the middle-tier seats, $1,500 for the lower tier, and $2,500 for the ringside area.

You don’t think he can pull it off. The marketing may go something like this: Come to the $100 million fight at the 100,000 seat stadium.

Jones could use “100” as part of his pricing strategy. For instance, the Mayweather or Pacquiao cocktail retails for $100. The souvenir guide retails for $100. The official t-shirt retails for $100.

The steak, fries, salad, and non-alcoholic beverage sold at the stadium retails for $100. The special valet parking costs $100. Any product or service that could be reasonably — or unreasonably — priced for $100 should be.

Jones would position this fight as a once-in-a-lifetime event. He’d charge the money and tell people that they are part of history. He might claim that your ticket stub my fetch you $1,000 on Ebay. And he’s probably correct.

Now if I’m Vegas, I put in a preemptive bid. They have to prevent a bidding war, a.k.a., a pissing contest. Offer $40 million guaranteed to both fighters.

Don’t let Jones in the game. Don’t let him think he has a shot. Don’t let him begin to ponder his options.

Let him think that, “This is too rich for my blood,” before he begins to smell blood. ‘Cause if Jerry smells blood, he’ll want to taste blood, and that’s when your problems begin. But everyday that passes, Jones becomes less intimidated by the numbers.

He realizes that he can entice major endorsers. He realizes that he can scale up the ticket prices. He realizes that Vegas doesn’t want to go into the later rounds, doesn’t want to get bloodied, doesn’t want to make this a contest of wills.

It’s at that point that Mr.

Jones becomes very dangerous. He’s the kind of sho-bizman who relishes being the underdog, relishes being underestimated, relishes being doubted. “Sleep on ol’ Jerry, the hick from Arkansas.”

Yeah, sleep on ol’ Jerry, and you might never wake up.

The business battle that will ensue will be much more exciting than the boxing battle. This is bigger than who gets LeBron. This is truly a “Super-Sized” fight. A B.W.A. (Battle With Attitude) all the way.

BASN Nation. Get back to me. Here’s my question to you: Who Will Host the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, Vegas or Texas?

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