Must Be The Money (Mayweathers)

By Justin Wilson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 22, 2010

NEW YORK (BASN) — I always see the business side, ’cause the business side rules everything around you — and me.

Always. So I was thinking about why people cop certain sneakers?

Maybe it’s to keep up with the Jones’, but then you got to think who made the style popular. When I say that, I mean when someone is wearing the sneaker, what does it represent?

A couple of my dudes and I were chopping it up. We concluded that when we go get a fresh pair of kicks, depending on the shoe we get, not only should it be fresh, but it should make a statement also.

It should upgrade your status. We call it “stacking.”

Everybody always considers Michael Jordan the best basketball player…so if he’s the top dog, then wearing his shoe would represent being the best. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the big-dog boxer; his undefeated record shows it, so with that being said, he should have a top-selling shoe also.

I personally think Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s sneaker would be a top seller because he’s a boxing cash cow. Making over $25 million a fight, his sneaker would represent something, as we say on the street, called “Getting Money.”

His cocky attitude, never-being-less-than-the-best swag, and his I-can’t-lose persona, would be the reason why his shoe would sell.

Because when you buy a pair of his shoes to be “fresh to death,” you should have that cocky feeling like, “I’m the best. I look better than the rest. I can’t lose.” Confidence is the key to doing anything, so why not wear a shoe that gives you that confidence?

The shoes would have to have a name that made the customer excited to be wearing them. They could be called “Money Mayweathers.” I can hear it now, my man’s saying, “I got to get up early in the morning to go cop those new Money Mayweathers.”

That’s just if they’re for casual wear, but he can also make boxing shoes too. Everybody wants to be the champ or least feel like the champ, so amateur boxers can train wearing the best, to become the best.

In comparison to Air Jordan’s, Money Mayweathers can be relatively cheaper because I’ve been there, saving up just to get a $250 pair of Jordan’s.

Yeah, they were fly, but why do I have to pay so much to be fly or to show I got money for that? I can buy a pair of “Money Mayweathers” for about a $100 cheaper and still represent being fly and having money without having to break my pockets.

As a sneaker head, I’m always down to buy some kicks that mean something or look good. That being said, as long as they look right and have a right price, I don’t see why “Money Mayweathers” wouldn’t sell.

Especially if the price is right making it accessible to people who ain’t got it like that…Because being from the street, everybody wants to look fly, but sometimes we don’t have it like that.

All in all, once Floyd Mayweather or his peeps see this, he’s gonna be with it, so it’s just a matter of time before everybody is going to the store to get those kicks — Money Mayweathers.