Learning From Baseball’s Best

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: June 19, 2010

Rod Carew

Rod Carew

CHICAGORod Carew, one of the greatest hitters in Major League Baseball history, along with a team of sports business executives, has launched a new company — Rod Carew Baseball.

Rod Carew Baseball is committed to being the premier baseball/softball company dedicated to the art and science of hitting. The Company will develop, manufacture, and market the finest hitting and training tools to improve a player’s hitting skills.

The Company’s flagship product is a revolutionary, unique hitting aid called the GAPHitter, which is now available for purchase at www.rodcarewbaseball.com.

Additional products will also be available including special baseballs and softballs.

Rod Carew is a living legend in baseball. He played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball — 12 with the Minnesota Twins and seven with the California Angels.

He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on the first ballot, July 21, 1991.

Rod remains active in baseball serving The Office of the Commissioner of Major League Baseball as Special Advisor for International Player Development. Rod also serves on the executive staff of the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

He was recently named the official spokesman of MLB FanFest.

Commenting on the new hitting aid, Carew stated, “The GAPHitter is the most unique and versatile hitting aid on the market today.” He added, “For experienced players, it will help hone their hitting skills and allow them to practice situational hitting. For younger players, it will greatly improve their eye-hand coordination and teach them the dynamics of hitting a moving ball.”

Daily operations will be headed by business executive, Gil Vieira, who will serve as president of Rod Carew Baseball. Vieira has been involved in the sporting goods industry for over 25 years and has directed multiple companies.

Vieira is building a network of team sporting goods dealers and has secured independent sporting goods sales representatives, nationwide, to represent Rod Carew Baseball.

“The name Rod Carew is synonymous with hitting – and he’s one of the most respected people in the game. His ongoing commitment in the development of the GAPHitter is the best testament to the product,” commented Vieira.

“Through the efforts of Rod and others, we’re very confident that the GAPHitter will become the premier hitting aid on the market for all levels of players – and will revolutionize youth baseball.”

The GAPHitter is a lightweight, steel hitting aid, which sets up behind home plate.

A special RCB/GAPHitter ball is attached by Velcro to a patented ball attachment. The ball attachment is connected to a tether on a suspended pendulum. The ball is pulled back to the catcher’s position and released.

When the ball returns through the strike zone it is struck by the batter…and the ball releases on contact.

The GAPHitter was developed through several iterations and has been tested by players and teams — from youth to pros. It has proved to be successful improving batting techniques, hitting skills, and eye-hand coordination for players of all ages.

The company believes the GAPHitter will bring an exciting change to T-ball by providing children the fun and excitement of hitting a moving ball.

“I’m very enthused about the GAPHitter and our company,” added Carew. “We will be highly involved in the baseball and softball industries and with coaches dedicated to teaching the game.”

“Our commitment to coaches will be realized via TeamCarew, a grassroots marketing program that will provide them with insight and tools to teach the art and science of hitting.”

NOTE: To learn more about Rod Carew Baseball, its products, and TeamCarew, visit www.rodcarewbaseball.com.