Ivan’s Garden Party

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 14, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Ivan Calderon is an artist in the ring and his performance against Jesus Iribe displayed as such.

Iribe often connected on one or two or even three punches a round but most of the time, he hit air as he often swing and missed.

In the first round, Calderon set the pace for the whole fight as he moved and dance before striking with four or five punches at time. Iribe often looked paralyzed as he hesitated before throwing a punch or he simply threw wild punch and hoping to hit something, something that didn’t happen often.

Iribe had one chance, knock Calderon out and in the second round, he nearly did exactly that as he nailed him near the end of the second round. A right hand landed on Calderon’s chin and he went down.

Calderon jumped up immediately and he went on to finish the round.

In third round, Calderon continued is brilliant boxing as he moved, darted and pot shot Iribe, who countered with big shots and missed. From this point, Calderon simply boxed his way to an easy victory.

The one skill that might have helped Iribe was cutting off the ring since Calderon easily moved around him. If Iribe trapped Calderon on the rope as he did in the fifth round, he missed his shots.

Calderon avoided the headshots, blocked the body shots and then swirled away from danger. The fight ended with Calderon winning all but the second round in easy fashion as he demonstrated the ultimate skill of hitting his opponent while avoiding being hit.

What this fight showed is that Calderon is one of boxing’s best as he remained undefeated after 35 fights with only one draw to go with 34 wins and 18 of those wins came in championship bouts in two separate divisions.

At the age of 35, Calderon still has his hand speed and quickness, and against Iribe, they were all on display. While Calderon put on a boxing exhibit, then two young prospects — McWilliams Arroya and Taskoshi Okada — put on a slugging performance.

In two four round fights, both of these fighters produced actions from the opening bell. Arroya was the favorite but after the first minute of the first round, Okada showed that he belonged.

Arroya was most effective with a little space whereas Okada loved being on Arroya’s chest. Though out the bout, both fighters exchanged punches and each round was close.

The key punch came in the second round when Okada nailed Arroya with a left hook that hit Arroya on the side of the face by the ear. Arroya went down and came up wobbling.

In a round that he may have been winning Arroya suffered a 10-8 round. This punch was the difference in the fight as two judges gave Okada a 38-37 margin. What if Arroya didn’t get knock down?

At worst, he would have suffered a majority draw and maybe even won the fight since he was winning the round before getting clipped. Both fighters showed potential and it will be interesting to see how their career advances.


How there ever been a fight between two fighters with a total of 22 fights with no knockouts win between either one? Gabriel Bracero came into the fight with a 9-0 record and no knockout outs. His opponent, Julius Edmonds, had a 7-6 record with no knockouts.

Bracero was the quicker fighter and better boxer which was on display for the first three rounds as he easily jabbed and produced accurate combinations off those jabs.

In the third round, Bracero unleashed a three jab combination before nailing his opponent with a solid right. Three jabs right in a row and Edmonds blocked them with his face.

In the fourth round, Bracero moved inside and proved to be the better inside fighter as well.

Edmonds had his moments in which he connected with his rights but he was outworked throughout the bout and Bracero won his tenth round with an easy decision, winning all six rounds.

With 10 wins under his bout, the key question for Bracero, when will the lack of power hurt him when more aggressive fighters will simply walk through his punches?