He’s Ready And Waiting In The Wings

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 7, 2010

SEATTLE (BASN) — Being a professional soccer player and playing for D.C. United has been a great experience for Bill Hamid.

He knew exactly what to expect coming into this opportunity and was thoroughly prepared for the daily grind that it would take to be successful in this league.

The 6-foot-3, 225-pound goalkeeper plays like a veteran way beyond the 19 years that he’s been alive. “My Father has really been instrumental in my success and how I approach the game so my behavior is a direct reflection upon him and I want him to always be proud,” stated Hamid.

Bill starting walking and kicking the soccer ball just about at the same time and his love of the game grew with him. While growing up in Northern Virginia he played in as many different Youth leagues available which would keep him on the field all season long.

While in High School, Bill had caught the attention of many teams and went over seas with the expectations of signing but there were things that we’re just out his hand and he had other options to choose from.

His Father was an outstanding professional soccer player that played for Serra Leone. Bill is often told by family and friends of how great a goalkeeper that his father was and how he reminds them of him.

“I get that a lot and have a long way to go to measure up to my father,” said Hamid.

Bill started off at the forward spot but once he had an opportunity to go in the net it was love at first sight. “You have to be strong mentally and physically to play this position. You are the last player on the field when the Forward or Midfielder gets beat and you still give your team a chance to win,” Hamid added.

Ben has outstanding footwork, great hands and takes total command of the box. When on the field he’s very vocal and completely engaged. “In the box you have a different view of things and it’s my responsibility to share that with my teammates. Things such as telling them when to mark a man or catch the runs across, to jump off and most importantly when I’m coming out,” Hamid added.

Like many successful athletes, Bill has become a student of the game and closely follows Edwin Van der Sar of Manchester United. “He plays a very clean, makes unbelievable saves and his footwork is like no other. I spend a lot of time watching what he does and how I can incorporate that into my game,” stated Bill.

There are still many first for Bill Hamid with more to come. He can still remember he’s Father sitting up in the stands during his first pro match and he still get goose bumps when kids come up to ask for his autograph.

D.C. United is currently in eighth place in the Eastern Conference division and will face the Seattle Sounders FC on Thursday. The Sounders had an exciting win against the New England Revolution on Saturday and both teams are looking to go into the break with a win.