Good Business Vs. Bad Business

By Prof. Clifford Benton, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 14, 2010

QUEENS, N.Y. (BASN) — The only thing “amateur” about college athletics is that athletes don’t get paid. This conference switching is about the “M.E.” factor, a.k.a. Money & Exposure.

Nobody’s more gangsta than these colleges, not even the coaches that bolt even though they’re under contract. We’re witnessing a new kind of free agency; one that involves colleges and universities instead of players. Good Business.

Here’s an example how sports can affect the box office.

The “Karate Kid” does $56 million on the opening weekend, and “The A-Team” does less than half that amount, $26 million. This was a big sports weekend for the younger demographic sports fan, (males, 18-35).

Baseball had interleague play, and there is this little itty bitty soccer tournament happening in South Africa. Based on the “A Team’s” target audience, this was not a good weekend to debut. Bad Business.

MMA could challenge boxing, but… They’re hurting their sport when they have 40 year old, way-past-his-prime Chuck Lidell headline a card. MMA can’t trot out fighters who have clearly deteriorated and pass them off as viable.

They are violating public trust. If the MMA is going to do this, put the fight on network television or a basic cable network. Bad Business.

The Jets should hold off on lowering their PSL’s. HBO’s “Hard Knocks” featuring the Jets should create huge buzz for the team.They (Jets) figure to be the best “watch” in the 2010 season.

Whether they win or lose, it’s going to be newsworthy. Bad Business

Ken Griffey Jr. is probably available to work as an analyst and/or expert commentator. Someone needs to make him an offer. Good Business.

New Jersey Nets owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, and recently hired coach, Avery Johnson sit in the “see me seats” at last Sunday’s NBA Finals. Good Business.

Tennessee Titans QB, Vince Young, was apparently involved in a melee at a club. The “brothers” need to stay out of da clubs. Bad Business.

TNT’s basketball analyst Kenny Smith would be better in the executive suite than in the commentator seat. Listen to his take on matters.

He’s always insightful and has a real handle on the nuances of the game. It is obvious that he does his homework. Hire him. Yesterday. Good Business.

Jalen Rose is “going hard” as a sports journalist. He’s not just limited to basketball.

Fox should snatch him from ESPN. Good Business.

Speaking of potentially hot sports television programming: could you imagine a basketball show featuring Stephen A. Smith, Mike Francesa, and Peter Vescey?

That’s the Beatles minus one, but they’d probably last for just one episode.

Pay the money. Hire a masseuse for the egos. And make sure you have a surgeon who can stitch up the wounds.

If I’m that Russian billionaire who just bought the Nets, I get them on my network.

Make it a weekly. Live show with a Live Audience. It would kill anything in its time slot — even during the off-season.

Great Business.

BASN Nation. Get back to me. Here’s my question to you: How would you market soccer in the U.S.?

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