For The Love Of Money (Part One)

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 18, 2010

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — The mighty O’Jays with the soft smooth soul sounds of Philadelphia in lead singer Gerald Levert had a moving upbeat song in the middle 1970’s called “For The Love of Money”.

The opening musical rift leads up to booming resounding lyrics of the consequences of loving money.

“Listen to me y’all, do things, do things, do bad things with it You wanna do things, do things, do things, good things with it Talk about cash money, money Talk about cash money- dollar bills, y’all” All for the love of money The NCAA has acquiesced school administrations, coaches, and players by throwing away their moral compass and the concept of sportsmanship. This whole student-athlete charade has become the big business of college basketball and football and they are now openly flaunting this attitude.

This is also the last bastion of servitude in the United States of America.

Colleges and universities make millions of dollars while the young football and basketball players have to wait four years to get paid for services rendered.

These athletes also have to hope they don’t experience a career ending injury playing for their university or college.

Last weekend there was an earthquake a tectonic shift in the football conference playing field. The Nebraska Cornhuskers will leave the Big 12 to join the Big 10.

The Colorado Buffaloes moved to the Pac-10. The Boise State Broncos of the WAC have joined the Mountain West Conference. The house of conference cards almost came tumbling down with the possibility of the Texas Longhorns leaving the Big 12.

The Big 12 staved off losing six prominent teams and all for the sake of the american dollar, television ratings, a secure and permanent spot in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).

Next year, UT will receive 20 million dollars while the other members of their conference will receive 17 million dollars each. The Longhorns will receive profits of 2.5 million dollars from their own television network.

This is why Bevo XI and the ‘Horns stayed in the Big 12.

Texas will not be heading anywhere after the two weeks of courting by the Pac-10, the Big 10, and the SEC. They just happened to be leading the pack with fellow conference members — Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech — not far behind.

The Longhorns are noted as being the school with the big wallet and the golden goose. Everyone wanted the burnt orange and cream uniform with the Brahma bull steer head emblem in their conference.

It did not matter how far they would have to travel to play them. It will not happen in 2010-11 season. The Big 12 survived this scare but was severely damaged by the attempted raids form the Pac-10 and Big 10.

“All for the love of money Don’t let, don’t let, don’t let money rule you almighty dollar For the love of money Talking about cash money, dollars bills y’all, come on now” The creation of SUPER CONFERENCES may still be in play the next few months. Other teams are still seeking new conferences. The is a possibility that Utah State will move further west into the Pac-10 (maybe moreso now since Utah will become a member).

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame has been silent on the issue.

The Blue and Gold enjoy their independence and a multi-million dollar television contract with NBC will keep it that way. The Fighting Irish will not join any conference until it becomes profitable to the sports programs of South Bend, Indiana.

The BCS refuses to have a playoff. This was the first real threat, the first salvo to their archaic failed system. They leave small school conferences like the Missouri Valley Conference and Historical Black Colleges and Universities with no chance of winning a national football championship.

This recent conference shift could signal the beginning of the end of the NCAA.

You must remember 50 years ago the AAU lost its political power.

The new larger conference alignment could force the BCS to finally concede to a playoff system. Something the BCS has stubbornly fought against. The new super conferences could petition to leave the NCAA if the BCS continues to defy implementing a playoff system.

These college basketball and football teams carry the financial weight of most school sports programs. The larger the institution, the larger the sports programs, the larger equipment cost.

“Money can drive some people out of their minds, Ah ha for the love of money got to have it some people really need it For the love of money” Legal action may not be far behind…

Last year, the Utah state legislature adopted a resolution calling for a playoff system to determine college football’s national champion after an undefeated Utah was shut out of the national title game for the second time in four years.

State lawmakers contended that the BCS formula was flawed and gaves schools from the major conferences an unfair advantage that would make it impossible for a school like BYU from the Mountain West to win the national title.

The Cougars won the mythical national championship in 1984 when they were a member of the WAC. It’s the last time a smaller school has won the National College Football Title.

This is why the BCS was created and should be dismantled.

NEXT: The fight to keep the sanctity and legitimacy of the institution of sports in colleges and universities.