Don’t Wanna Be Like This Mike

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 3, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — After five years in Cleveland, head coach Mike Brown has been fired.

Despite winning 127 games in two years, Brown has been given the ax. He has been given the “good ol’ heave-ho” and tossed overboard for the sharks to eat.

Yes. Mike Brown has been given the pink slip and thrown under the bus by the Cavaliers. As Donald Trump would say on his hit-reality show The Apprentice, “You’re fired!!” Yeah, I know it ain’t right.

But it was him or Lebron….Somebody had to go.

And to be truthful, most people thought Lebron coached himself anyway.

Many people, in fact felt that Brown was merely a spectator, who just sat on the bench cheering more than coaching. But this simply isn’t true.

Because during his five year coaching tenure, Brown led the Cavaliers to three Eastern Conference Semi-final appearances, a Eastern Conference Finals, and one NBA Final (2007), which they lost to the San Antonio Spurs.

Even with this impressive coaching resume’ which includes being named NBA Coach of the Year in 2008-09, people still believe Brown is a bad coach.

But despite their dislike for Brown’s coaching style, he still posted a (272-138) record, which is the highest winning percentage in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers organization at (.663) which surpasses the legendary Lenny Wilkens (.551) and the beloved Cavs’ coach Mike Fratello at (.539).

With those remarkable stats, in my opinion Brown has proven his ability to coach in the NBA regardless of what sports fans, naysayers or sportswriters suggest.

Because despite having the difficult task of trying to coach a NBA superstar with an ego larger than life, he provided James with offensive freedom without restricting him while offering him some guidance and direction.

But after not winning the big game, his coaching days in the city of Cleveland are officially over.

With Brown fired, some fans have even suggested that the Cavaliers should go get another Brown to coach Lebron.

Larry Brown??. The Soap Opera in Cleveland continues.

Stay tuned, it’s only June. Wait until July.