Black and Blue Targets

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 15, 2010

C.B. Bucknor

C.B. Bucknor

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — The sound of that distant dumb anesthetizing drum beat continues from Bristol, Connecticut.

During their Sunday morning SportsCenter this past weekend they added “ESPN: The Magazine”, into the fray while continuing its assault on racial, social, and economic agenda.

They conducted a secret survey among the players on the quality of MLB umpiring crews. Nobody knows who these players were, nor how the information was gathered or processed.
One thing was very clear, the racial and political agenda continues. The survey cast stones at a Black umpire under the guise of disseminating useful information.

Here are the questions

1. Who are the three best umpires in baseball?

2. Who are the three worst umpires in baseball?

3. Which umpire has the quickest hook?

4. Grade the overall performance of umpires, “A” through “F.”

“CB Bucknor was named on 42 percent of the ballots as worst umpire, leading that category. The total narrowly edged Joe West, who was named on 40 percent, and Angel Hernandez, who was named on 22 percent”.

There are only eight percent African American baseball players in Major League Baseball so if they all voted in this survey it would not have influenced these numbers significantly.

Bucknor is black and of Jamaican decent, West is White, and Hernandez is of Latin decent. West has a very short temper and has consistently thrown players, managers, and coaches out of games.

He has ejected players that can change the game and managers that might need to make critical choices at the end of games. He thinks he is above the game, and wants to be in total control, while Bucknor just misses calls.

West is a crew chief, while Buckner is not, so any decisions made by West could be significant because he can overrule his fellow crew mates.

West is also in the process of a budding country and western singing career. Maybe getting on TV with baseball rhubarbs (arguments) might be the best way to get free publicity for his part time singing job.

“Bucknor, in his 11th season, was named the worst umpire by both American and National League players. West, in his 32nd season, and Hernandez, in his 17th, work on the same crew; West is the crew chief. The survey was taken after Joyce’s missed call.”

The missed call occurred June 2 at the end of a perfect, non perfect game in Detroit. Tiger pitcher Armando Galarraga flirted with history a few weeks ago and caused this biased survey.

Commissioner Bud Selig should have overturned the call. It should have been overturned because it did not affect the outcome of the game.

But Mr. 31 (Selig) continues to be the owner’s mouthpiece and water boy letting the ruling stand.

Galarraga should have been in baseball’s record books. Think about this fact, at the end of this year it might cost Galarraga money in future contract negotiations.

It already has cost him $100,000.

What ESPN the Magazine and SportsCenter failed to mention is that MLB has taken positive steps to improve the umpiring crews by hiring Hall of Famer and former manager Frank Robinson to evaluate and oversee each umpiring crew.
Robinson will make suggestions and fine umpires to improve their performance on the field. Something that has not been done since the departure of Sandy Alderson.

Unfortunately, the drum beat from Bristol goes on.