Berrio comes close, but not quite

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: June 19, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Friday night’s main event on ESPN would see the undefeated Sherzod Hunsanov fighting slugger John Berrio.

However in the first fight, Super Middleweight Jerson Ravelo challenged on short notice the undefeated Maxim Vlasov. Ravelo had already fought Allen Green and Andre Ward — two of the best super Middleweights presently in the Super Six tournament — and promised to challenge Vlasov.

In the opening two rounds, Ravelo boxed and moved against the pressuring Vlasov. At the end of the second round, a head butt opened a cut under Ravelo’s right eye. While Ravelo nailed a few counters against his undefeated opponent but poor technique made him vulnerable to Vlasov’s right.

This became apparent in the third round when Vlasov went to the body with left jab before a right hand nailed Ravelo, sending Ravelo down face first. He got up at the count of nine but barely and the referee stopped the fight as he looked into Ravelo eyes.

Vlasov stopped Ravelo, a veteran with some flaws but one who has survived eight rounds against two of the bests, Ward and Green. Ravelo did not even see the end of the three rounds against Vlasov.

After the Vlasov destruction of Ravelo, undefeated heavyweight prospect Jonte Willis fought Leo Bercier. Willis bloodied Bercier but despite outpunching Bercier, Willis showed little that would indicate that he is a potential champion.

Willis did not sit down on his punches and while he did most of the connecting in this fight, there was little power exhibited. At least until the end of the third round when an upper cut followed by a left hook forced Bercier to take a knee.

In the fourth round, Willis pursued the tired Bercier but throwing mostly arm punches, he could not finish off his opponent. With 20 seconds left, Bercier took control of the fight as he nailed Willis with two solid rights.

As to emphasize Willis’ lack of power, Bercier stopped punching he thought he heard the final bell. There was five seconds left as Willis took two free shots against Bercier, who looked more surprise than hurt.


In the main event, Husanov showed the quicker hands and more accurate punches over the first three rounds against Berrio, but often in the opening stanzas, he fought on the inside with the brawling Berrio.

At the end of the sixth round, Berrio gained confidence as he started to dominate the action as he nailed Husanov with solid rights. Throughout the fight, Berrio threw more punches, but Husanov shot the more accurate punches.

There were times in the fight, Husanov maintained punching distance from his charging opponent but there times that he allowed himself to fight Berrio’s fight.

At the end of the eight round, Husanov shook Berrio with a solid right as he had the right distance, forcing Berrio to tie up. In the final round, Husanov repeated his eighth round success with a solid right at the minute mark of the round.

He pursued Berrio while connecting on accurate head shots. Berrio often countered by grabbing his opponent to survive the round, allowing himself some brief moments of rest before the referee broke up the fighters.

Husanov, when given the space, connected on accurate right hands and left hooks but he could not stop his opponent; even if he was able to wobble Berrio leg. Berrio ended the fight on his feet with both eyes were swollen.

The fight was a majority decision for Husanov, with one judge having the fight a draw 95-95. Berrio’s activity and punching activity gave him a boost even if he was being plundered by Husanov.

He maintained his undefeated streak in his first fight in the United States but as a prospect, he left as many questions as answers about his future.