Bennett’s mouth gets him in trouble — again

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: June 16, 2010

TEXAS — On Tuesday morning, Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett used his Twitter account “KungFuAstronaut” to clarify his statements on the social network from Monday about Vince Young’s incident in a northwest Dallas topless bar.

In the 140-character format, Bennett explained that he didn’t regret his comments, but he apologized for adding more negative attention to the Tennesse Titans quarterback.

“I would like to apologize I wasn’t trying to make the headlines or anything when I responded to a tweet asking what I thought about VYs … Situation. Didn’t wanna draw anymore negative attn to it. And for that I’m sorry. I wasn’t tryna rip vince or anything I was jus saying …”

“Didn’t think it was the rgt decision. Making several stupid ones myself I know how it is. I have nothing but love for the homie. … Don’t regret what I said jus nvr wanna make anyone elses situation worse.”

Bennett, who frequently uses Twitter, was referring to a response he offered Monday to someone asking his opinion of Vince Young’s altercation at Club Onyx on Sunday morning.

“Mann I dunno wat 2 say abt VY that was childish & very unprofessional u cant do [expletive] like that when u play qb. He needs better ppl round him.”

Bennett and Young competed in the Big 12 against each other when Bennett played for Texas A&M and Young was with Texas. Young apologized Monday for his actions to his Tennessee Titans teammates.

Last July, Bennett caught heat for a YouTube video entitled “Black Olympics” where he and his brother Michael, a defensive tackle for Tampa Bay, are seen competing in fried chicken and watermelon eating and Kool-Aid drinking