Upshaw, Andrade win impressively

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 29, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — On Friday night, the first round between Renan St. Juste and Marcus Upshaw was round of posturing in which neither fighter doing much but posing.

This continued for the first three rounds of the fight as punches were held to a premium with the shorter St. Juste rarely hitting the body of the taller Upshaw, who did not connect on many of jabs.

At the end of third round, Upshaw may have stolen the round when he pressed the action and forced St. Juste to the rope.

In the fourth round, Upshaw used his mobility to move around his opponent and set up a nice combination that sent St. Juste down. Just as he did at the end of the third round, Upshaw pressed the action as he missed with a right hand followed up with left hook that sent St. Juste.

Over the next several rounds, Upshaw threw more punches but he was not very accurate but his opponent was even less active but no more accurate. ESPN’s Ted Atlas had Upshaw winning and two of the three judges agreed with him.

In a fight determined by a punch here and punch there, Upshaw’s left hook in the fourth round may have clinched the fight.

The best comment of the night came from Atlas as he dealt with the state of boxing.

He lamented the lack of good trainers as he noted that boxing have very few great much less good teacher of the sweet science. Atlas’ partner, Joe Tessitore, observed how many sports allow little league or Pop Warner coaches coach their young stars into the professional rank.

In boxing, it is not unusual for an amateur coach to stay with his boxing charges all the way through the professional ranks. Atlas added that inconsistent or simply bad judging has hurt the sport and in fights that featured hometown fighters.

This could have been a factor even though in the first fight, the two of the judges gave the decision to the visitor.


In the main event, the 39-year-old Eric Lucas fought Librado Andrade and for Lucas, this fight was a measuring stick to see what he had left in his comeback after four years of inactivity.

Lucas was a slick boxer and against Andrade, this was the right strategy against a fighter whose weakness was slick boxers. In the first round, Lucas connected on a higher percentage whereas Andrade threw more as the more aggressive fighter.

In the second round, Andrade pounded the body and trapped Lucas on the rope twice even though the first time, Lucas escaped and turned the table with a slick combination.

In the early rounds, Lucas had no trouble countering the stronger Andrade but Lucas did not have the power to hurt Andrade and he was able to walk through the smaller Lucas.

Over the first half of the fight, Lucas managed to keep the pace methodical with his occasional counter and occasional hold. As the second half of the fight began, his face was swollen and eyes cut.

In the eighth round, Andrade’s constant pressure and clubbing right hand opened up the flow of blood over the Lucas left eye. This ended the fight as Andrade stopped Lucas due to the cuts.

Lucas wanted to know what he had left at the age of 39 and he now knows that he does not have what it takes to beat a very good fighter in Andrade. The Super Middleweight is one of boxing deepest and Andrade is barely a top ten Super Middleweight.

If Lucas could not beat Andrade, he is not going to beat the elites.

Finally, Vitali Klitschko defeated Polish fighter Henry Sosnowski in a one-sided affair in which Vitali jabbed Sosnowski to death before connecting on a right in the ninth round that rocked the challenger and another right ended the fight in the 10th when the referee stopped the fight.