The New Dead Zone in U.S. (Part 2)

By Gary Norris Gray, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 8, 2010

CALIFORNIA (BASN) — There is a brewing conflict stirring in the United States and for the first time since the 1960′s professional sports teams are taking a political and social stand.

In the Arizona desert, the Phoenix Suns wore jerseys with ‘Los Suns’ meaning the Suns in Spanish for Cinco de Mayo, a national Mexican holiday. The real Spanish meaning is “Los Sol”. However, it was the thought that counted.

It was this team’s protest against the new 1070 Arizona Immigration Law.

Phoenix Guard Steve Nash made it known that he and his teammates were not in favor of this new Arizona law. This conundrum is beginning to look like the new American Civil War.

Their playoff opponent, the San Antonio Spurs wanted to join the party with proposing to wear the name Los Spurs on their jerseys. It did not happen because the league office stated the request was too late.

This issue of undocumented aliens has become a state rights issue.It’s something the Republican Party loves to advocate and provocate states rights every chance they get and has done so for the past 30 years.

A few southern states Texas , South Carolina , Alabama , and Florida are now backing the Arizona immigration law. They are writing similar immigration laws in their states, while northern states are fiercely against it and are trying to dismantle these laws.

North against South does this sound familiar.

The Republican Party is staging a pre-emptive strike to get any immigration law passed by this Supreme Court. With the help of President Bush’s court appointees Alito, Roberts, and Thomas, the Three Stooges passage is possible.

When this issue is viewed from a historical prospective it becomes eerie.

Let’s take this one step further

President Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president and President Barack Obama is the 44th president. Both men are from the same midwest state of Illinois .

President Lincoln did not receive votes from southern states, while President Obama does not have friends in the South.

President Lincoln’s vice president, Andrew Johnson was from the Confederate state of Tennessee . President Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden is from the state of Delaware .

Delaware was a border state during the Civil War and is below the old Mason-Dixon Line . President Lincoln led a divided country and now President Obama could be leading a divided country.

If this political rankle continues, liberal Northern California currently strongly against the Arizona law will split with conservative Southern California which supports the law.

The result could be two California ‘s in our future if this bickering does not cease. Some Southern states might secede from the United States just as South Carolina and others did at the beginning of the Civil War.

The probability of this happening is real over states rights.

Remember 160 years ago states fought states each other over the issue of slavery.

It is beginning to look like it will happen all over again with the issue of undocumented aliens.

There are other issues

1. Will states rights override federal law? This is the question Arizona has awakened.

2. This attempt at States rights by Arizona could lead to other political conflicts in this country.

3. Could Arizona now wage war against Mexico or any other nation under states rights?

4. Could states now pass racial profiling laws so police can legally detain African Americans, Arab Americans, or Asian Americans?

5. Could Chinese Americans and Chinese Nationals be next on the states rights list because they are the next perceived political and economic threat?

Remember Americans outside of the west or east coast can rarely determine the nationality of Asians. This would create the political and social atmosphere of more racially motivated attacks like Chinese American Vincent Chinn, who the attackers thought was Japanese.

He was attacked and killed him because of the Japanese Auto industry made cheaper fuel efficient cars. Arizona has put all Americans in a very dangerous position.

This week a local South Bay Area High School, Morgan Hill, Live Oak High School in San Jose had issues with students respecting each others cultures.

Two white athletes came to school dressed in the American Flag clothing on Cinco de Mayo Day. The Vice Principal who is of Latino decent told the young men to turn their shirts inside out for the day.


The young men refused and they were expelled for that day. At the same time many Latino Students were wearing Red, Green, and White the national colors of Mexico.

Creating a firestorm in the high school, the young men were joined by other athletes the next day and the Latino student population walked out of school in silent protest.

This has created racial strife which was a limited problem before. These two young men did this provocative act to get attention and they got it. These young men also show the lack of respect for other nationalities. This is what Arizona has done.

Law abiding Latino Americans and undocumented people now fear not only from police officers but from other Americans that might confront them just because they have brown skin and speak Spanish.

President Obama will have to step in and stop this sectional legal battle before it becomes a national states rights battle.