Talkin’ Soccer With Lyle Adams

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 21, 2010

“I remember when I was in High School and couldn’t find a club to play for during the summer and I ended up with the Brazilian FC which was kind of hard since I didn’t speak Portuguese but I was involved in some great matches.”

– Lyle Adams.

Lyle Adams

Lyle Adams

SEATTLE (BASN) — He wasn’t recruited by any of the colleges in the area and at one point he had planned on going to Columbia. Not a lot of people know that this standout was a walk on at Wake Forest and earned a spot on the roster.

At the age of five, Lyle Adams started dribbling the ball all around the house and really started getting serious about the sport when he was eight years old. He started off playing forward then moved to mid-fielder but felt that he could really dominate the outcome of the match as a defender.

“I just enjoy this game so much and have been fortunate enough to make it to this level,” said Lyle.

Pretty much like in any other athlete that plays defense, they don’t like to be scored on. “I don’t like giving up goals and I defend the net with pride. When I’m successful as a defender it gives my team a chance to win. Playing defense is about being proud,” commented Lyle.

“What I’ve learned during the transition from college to the pros is that in college hard work trumps talent and energy. In the pro hard work doesn’t necessarily win the game, you’ve got to draw your line of opportunities and press hard to have your opponents react to you,” Lyle added.

Lyle went to Europe after graduation from Wake Forest with his degree in Economics and winning a NCAA Division I National Championship. He played in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium and although some people may feel that he wasn’t successful in the attempt the lessons that he learned were priceless.

“It really developed my mental character and made me stronger. Guys on the squad wouldn’t speak to me because I was a foreigner but I didn’t let any of that influence my performance on the field and just went about the business at hand,” Lyle mentioned.

“It was just something that I had always wanted to do and it was a wonderful experience. I was taught so many different tactical maneuvers about the game and it exposed me to many different styles of play. I consider myself lucky to have that opportunity and travel to places were some people will never see in their lifetime,” said Lyle.

With all of the success that Lyle has had over his career, he’s always quick to point out where it all really began, Wake Forest.

“From the moment that I step onto the campus during my freshman year, I learned so much as a player and really began to develop at Wake Forest and this started from the Head Coach on down.

Seattle Sounders FC, James Riley, was one of the reasons that he came to Wake Forest. We are a very tight family at Wake Forest and I’m always in communication with former teammates,” said Lyle.

Many of the former players come back to help out in soccer camps. “In college most of the fans that fill up the stadium our kids and whenever there’s an opportunity to give back in any type of way, I’m there,” stated Lyle.

At the moment Lyle may not be on a Major League Soccer roster but for him it’s only a little bump in the road. Adversity is his middle name so he’s up for the challenge.