Straight No Chaser: The ‘Brown’ Shirts

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: May 5, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Former Ivy League male-cheerleader and draft dodger, George W.

Bush’s personal flunky, and current hate-monger Mike Brown – is a man who betrayed his fellow man.

A living and breathing Benedict Arnold who’ll never be able to wash the Katrina blood from his paws. Now, regardless of Browns lifelong branding, this SOB has been bestowed a powerful pedestal, a potent platform, a 50 thousand watt blowtorch to amplify his elitist perspectives, now that he is no longer Bush ‘s boy, but a Clear Channel Neo-Con flame-thrower a-top their Rocky Mountain Flagship, 850 KOA.

Now-a-days Mr. Brown lambaste the President for not responding to the BP oil spill in the gulf fast enough . . . How dare he . . . . “Brownie” as his buddies and co-hearts call him at the GOP, KOA and KKK Sunday Night Cross burnings – shares this illustrious perch with the NFL’s Denver Broncos, MLB’s Colorado Rockies and the NCAA’s University of Colorado football program. 850 KOA is the official voice of all three.

Go ahead and slap me, but gee-whiz guys . . . aren’t these sports organizations in bed with a mass-murderer?

Is Mike Brown not benefiting from the audience these sports operations attract? I simply can’t phantom it working the other way, with this business relationship being an advantage for the Broncos and Rockies to be heard on the same radio station as a man millions of Americans regard as a . . . mass murderer.

Might it be Americans, at least some folks – could give-a-damn, through either Brown’s arrogance or ignorance – hundreds of Black people lost their worthless Black lives.

Granted, the people who died in the Katrina debacle were mostly poor Black people, so I know they don’t count for much. It’s not like they were rich White folks.

You n’ I both know that such a snubbing is nothing more then the “snow-bunnie coed is missing – stop the world” as opposed to a Black or Latina collegiate princess is missing – and the established press/White America could give a flyin’ .

It’s all about the perceived v alue of life, and historically America has never given-a-damn about people-of-color.

Lee Larson, Clear Channel Grand Poo-Pah and his right arm woman, Kris Olinger calculated, quite correctly might I add, the audience they’ve gathered over the years, angry White people, could give-a-damn that most of the experts and authorities on Hurricane Katrina, it’s aftermath, the failing of the Army Corp of Engineers constructed Levee system had deemed Mike Brown was apart of the problem, not the rescue efforts.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many Democratic politicians called for Brown to be fired immediately, including California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski, New York Senators Hillary Rodham-Clinton and Chuck Schumer, Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, Michigan Rep. Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick and Senator Debbie Stabenow, Louisiana State Rep. Peter Sullivan, Nevada Senator Harry Reid, and Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

This is an irrelevant fact in the eyes of Clear-Channel and . . . the NFL, MLB, CU?

Trust me, I know; Lee Larson and Kris Olinger both hired me in 1994, they were elated they had themselves a Black man who was going to verbally attack local n’ national Black leadership – which I did – what they didn’t grasp was that I opposed the Democratic House Negroes, who later supported Hillary over Obama, the NAACP (National Association of Charlatans n’ Poverty Pimps), mink-clad Black preachers in Benzes and B’mers exploiting ole folks and struggling mommas.

I charged them with eatin’ n’ meetin’, sitin’ n’ sippin’, winin’ n’ dinin’ . . . while the Black American Empire was a-blaze.

Yes, I charged these lost Negroes with dereliction of their duties – and I would again, because I was a kid raised by Black Progressives and Revolutionaries who believed in Black Power.

Because I was critical of my people, the Neo-Cons I worked at KOA thought/hoped I hated my people – the way they did. They quickly came to find out they were mistaken.

All Power to the people! Free Huey!

Free Angela !

Once they figured that out, when I wouldn’t condemn Calypso Louie’s Black Muslims for trying to halt Black-on-Black hostilities in Denver’s Black neighborhoods – I was placed on the radio back-burner for almost the next decade, mid-nite to 5 AM, on the weekends, until 9/11.

After that, as I ask the question “what role does US Foreign Policy play in the World Trade Center Bombings” the then PD Mrs. Robin Burtolucci and her married lover supposedly laid me off.

Lee Larson didn’t have the testicles nor class to even bid me “farewell boy”.

My “colorful observations” had got his station’s call letters printed and discussed in the New York Times and USA Today.

I am the last man to bring truth-to-hate on the KOA Airwaves, but the liberals, the wilting Flower children and the aging hippies can’t control a Black man’s mouth – so even they don’t notice or remark – “Where are the Black host on AM talk radio?

They’re content paternalistically speaking on our behalf, but I just don’t feel comfortable with guys like Craig Silvermen defending my interest. . . the weak and timid should never be permitted to defend or attack anything worth having.

David Serota is the lone Blue-eyed soul singer on the Mile-Hi airwaves. I offer this bedtime story to underscore; I know the mentality of these aristocratic sexist n’ racist redneck bastards, I worked behind enemy lines for years.

They plot n’ plan, 24/7 “how to” make mo’ money everyday, and they’re more then willing to achieve and maintain their fat-ness via . . . giving the angry White listeners what they want.

They’ve purposefully driven away the vast majority of Black and Latino listeners, they know it . . . and don’t give damn. KOA/KHOW have deliberately, strategically elevated the voices of angry White men, while silencing the voices of . . . everybody else.

And even if Larson and KO wanted to have diversity on the airwaves – their listening and advertising base would rebel against any sign of fairness and inclusion on the airwaves.

And apparently the NFL, MLB and the NCAA are content with their products being packaged between individuals like Mike Brown, who, unlike Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck – has actually made decisions which have led to the deaths of Black people.

Rush and Beck just wish, hope n’ pray to their Nordic Viking Jesus they too can kill them some Niggers and Spics – before Dick Cheney’s Haliburton troops kill’em all.

And even more apparent, professional sports harbor few qualms about their ga-zillion dollar enterprises being coupled/packaged,bundled and branded with local host, who like here in Denver – guys like Peter Boyles lead the rank n’ file rednecks in their quest to prove the Presidents mother was a whore, who posed nude for pictures which can today be seen on the Internet.

Or Dan Caplis, who in a cold heartless, Vulcan manner character assassinates the president and his wife virtually on a daily basis.

See, calling Jerry Jones newest Dallas Cowboy, Mandingo Dez Bryant, referring to his mother as a prostitute – is merely some cute frat-boy slight, some jab, a pipe dream little white men have – one of those small ways you can insult Black people, feel like their Confederate grand parents back in the good ole days, when a punk-ass weasel like Mike Brown could make a 67 year old black mammy surrender her bus seat.

An e-mail offering critical medical equipment went unanswered for four days.

Recall a House committee investigating the response to Katrina releasing hundreds of e-mails between Brown, his staff and acquaintances.

On the day Katrina struck, Brown wrote “Can I quit now? Can I go home?” He later quipped to a friend on the heels of the disaster – he could not meet her because he was “trapped [as FEMA head) … please rescue me.”

In yet another e-mail, Brown’s press secretary, Sharon Worthy, advised him to roll up his sleeves “to look more hard-working… Even the president rolled his sleeves to just below the elbow.”

Please note, Mike Brown is a man-slaughterer whom the Broncos, Rockies and CU Buffalo’s allow their million dollar human investments – to be placed on the stage with organizations which aren’t concerned with being associated with a cold, disconnected killer like “Brownie.”

They’re not concerned, but we ought be.