Straight No Chaser: Recipe For Destruction

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: May 25, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Where there’s smoke, there’s a KKK cross. . . .

It’s not “happenstance” nor even close to “coincidental” – since Obama painted the White House Black, hung a basketball hoop on the garage, started throwing backyard bar-b-ques, Friday-nite fish fries, his woman plantin’ collard greens in the “victory garden,” since last November, when Obama back-handed John McCain like Sidney Poitier did “In The Heat Of The Night,” from that moment on . . . I’ve eyed-balled the rank n’ file Redneck element of our population detonate, implode, explode, blow-up, self-destruct and erupt.

I can only hope Americans . . .

of-color hear this 3:37 a.m. wake-your-ass-up call. By all indications, a Black man, making love to his Black woman, in the same bedroom Ronald “666” Ray-Gun lost-his-mind in with Nancy . . . that particular “visual” – it’s simply too, too much for the Archie Bunker element of America to deal with. “Its Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

This instant, “just add a Black man n’ stir” resentment aimed at the Oval Office has caused the massive quantity of bottled-up since 1968 racism, sexism, classism and Christian fundamentalism – to manifest itself in various manners; talk of sedition – states threatening to leave the Union, exit – stage Right.

This twisted yearning treat “terrorist” as heros by re-elevating, elevating the “proud legacy” of the treasonous Grey-Coated Confederacy. The disrespect shown a “Wise Latina.” appointed to the Supremes.

And what about the dozen other States taking their walking orders from Arizona (a state which had to be “compelled” to recognize Dr. King’s national holiday) who are trying to dust-off and re-hang the No Dog – No Mexican signs. . . .

And now we’ve got Kentucky “Tea Party” senatorial candidate Rand Paul tossing a little gas on the bon-fire, citing the faults, short-comings and failures of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

And, note, in 2002 Paul penned an assault on the Fair Housing Act, in which he said “a free society will abide unofficial, private discrimination” and added that discrimination should not be “prohibited for private entities.”

Here, once more, allow me to translate . . . “nigger, get out.”

Recall, I speak Cracker-nese, and I was born with . . . common sense, I can read between the little white lines. Rand is speaking for the, dig this . .

. millions and millions of angry White folks – who don’t want to be “forced” to “serve” maybe “wait on” Niggers.

Don’t want to be forced to allow a “dirty, lazy Spic” to use the restroom or serving “niggers or Chinks” in a cafe, nor do these particular White folks won’t to be, once again, “forced” to mix n’ mingle in shopping malls with . . . Blacks, Latinos and Asians and Native Americans, Africans, Arabs, Aborigines, Eskimos, Pigmy’s, Albinos . . . . Any n’ everyone who makes Rush, Beck or Hannity’s followers uncomfortable.

And please please, please, this politically correct buffalo poop about using the word Nigger . . . one can’t want Black folks to possibly be banned from dinning at the privately-owned neighborhood McDonalds if the owner so wishes – and nevertheless deem Afro-Americans any thing but “Niggers!

If this Rand Paul character is elected to political office by the little people of the Blue Grass State – all the state’s professional sports teams should be boycotted . . . . Oh, that’s right – for whatever the litany of demographical reasons – there’s no pro anythings in Kentucky. What’s that say about the state? To some extent . . . Kentucky is irrelevant.

It’s a one horse race state?

Let’s take this to the next phase; Paul is betraying good, decent, hard working . . . White people, real Americans by “defending the indefensible” corporatist BP oil men – as the Naw leans bayous turn to tar pits. . . .

Paul’s advancing this ridiculous fat-cat talking point; “What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,’ Paul said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” program; “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business. I think it’s part of this sort of blame game society in the sense that it’s always got to be someones fault instead of the fact that sometimes accidents happen.” Un-American or keenly Aristocratic . . . ? Rand, going out of his way to critique a Black man, to paint and hopefully taint the president as . . .

Un-American for holding these elitist English Bastards responsible, accountable and liable for pouring enough black Gold, Texas Tea into the Gulf to fill Lake Tahoe.

But, I understand why – Dr. Paul is comfortable with a Black persons fate . . . left-up to public opinion, organized mob-rule.

Paul harbors very little respect for Black people.

If it walks like a Rush Limbaugh, talks like a Glenn Beck , looks like an Sean Hannity . . . then maybe, just maybe it’s Rand Paul.

And might it be, just maybe – all four are, behind closed doors – suit n’ tied-up, dressed-to-the-“k” Klansmen.

Granted, they aren’t advertising to the country they’ve got white sheets hanging-up in the hall way closet, nor that they’ve a few wooden crosses and gasoline out in the Tuf-Shed . . . but nonetheless, I can’t find too much of what these bastards are saying – which The KKK does not concur with.

They’re all on the same page in the same book, and I’m sure if we frisk these bastards, we’ll see they’ve got a Klan-man ID, secret decoder rings, Klansmen boot-phones . . . .

Now what’s dumbfounding for Americans-of-color; how the conservative White America population can, one, pretend this “White backlash’ of sorts is not offensive, insulting to most “colored Americans?”

Two; how these Angry White Americans, these Tea-Baggers can make-believe there’s nothing “alarming” in-store for Black and Latino people if they gain political power – nonetheless, our collective/individual bat-senses are tinglin’ the way they are, because we know better, and know the history of this country?

Mine are lite-up like a hundred dollar, lot bought Christmas Tree .

And three; how do these self-anointed “real Americans” refuse to see Rand Paul’s observations, and the wide-spread defense of his comments as prime evidence, the indisputable truth required to solidify the rest of this nation’s, and for that matter . . . the world’s perception – the “Right” in this country has a great deal in common with Adolph’s” Third Reich?”

Yes, what’s Rand Paul’s mission? It sure seems he’s hemmin’ n’ hawin’ over legit questions;” Do you own any Negros, and if so . . . do you beat them?” Its painfully clear Paul’s ass appears to be burning when asked to expound upon his bias base beliefs, so much so this punk ass weasel weaseled-out of “Facing the Nation.” Rand understood he was not facing the hometown crowd, he knew those Sunday morning muck-rakers might coerce him into ripping his hood off . . . .

Silly-ass me, I childishly thought a man ought believe in his convictions, to the point he’s willing to be convicted of his beliefs . . . I haven’t seen a White man tap-dance like Rand Paul since Fred Astaire.

That’s the point the Right in this nation needs to understand; it’s a new day as far as people-of-color (half the country) are concerned . . . we’re all well-aware of this “backlash” this burning desire to return this land to yesterday, yesteryear, 1953, when Black n’ Brown folks were seldom seen, n’ hardly ever heard . . . we knew our assigned place.

That’s the last era in the story of America when society was rigged and apartheid ruled the land. White men had absolute, uncontested audacious power, and that’s the America Rand and the boys would love to recreate.

I question how far these SOBs’ will go, what drastic, diabolical means they’ll utilize to return this country to the good ole days? Some sort of “purification of America” where only “real Americans” and “true Patriots” are left.

Just so we all know- that won’t be possible without another civil war, and that’s exactly what men like Rand, Rush, Beck and Hannity want; Stadiums filled with rounded-up “undesirables” Latinos/aliens being shipped back to where-ever in the hell they hale from. Blacks, being . . .

what, who knows, shipped back to Africa or placed on “work plantations.”

Our property and possessions seized by the authorities, Chocolate neighborhoods and cities transformed/re-gentrified overnight into Vanilla-vills .

. chuckle now if you like my comfortable and ignorant-of-the-past friends.

The only way to combat this type of blind hatred and contempt . . . with the one thing power understands and may fear power, more power . . . Black Power, Brown Power, as Adam Clayton Powell spoke of . . . audacious power.

And that’s what the little people have been lacking for all eternity, power, just a little power to the people . . . .