Straight No Chaser: No More Mr. Nice Guy

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: May 14, 2010

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“There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America — there’s the United States of America.”

— President Barack Obama

DENVER (BASN) — That comical, wishful pronouncement – leveled by this country’s highest elected official – is merely that . . .

an assertion. Obama, like most of us, had no clue the depth, breadth, width nor scope of the hatred still set aside for people-of-color amongst the Caucasian population of America.

Now, today, we all do.

If the President, of these reputed “United States of America,” is still, after his first 500 days in office, contending this nation to be “united” – then, sad-to-say, the man is delusional. This “one nation under God” sentiment is a far-fetched crack-pipe dream which stands little, if any chance of ever coming true – as long as America has, at it’s core . . . furious, enraged, paranoid Euro-Americans (White folks) who, against Vulcan logic, believe this to somehow, someway be “their country.”

“Diversity” and “inclusion” are to today’s “Tea Baggers” – those self-proclaimed “real Americans” – what “integration” was to their fathers and grandfathers . . . an horrific word. Generation after generation of White Americans unwilling, perhaps even incapable of living-up-to all those big words about “we hold these truths to be self evident . . . all men are created equal.”

The Grand Canyon state is demonstrating the grand canyon divide between people of color and these “real Americans, ” drawing a line in the desert sand, demonstrating how very divided White Americans deeply yearn to keep this land.

Obviously, quite obviously there’s a measurable, visible desire amongst some to see this nation return to yesteryear, back to the “good ol’ days of American Apartheid.

Without debate, clearly there’s a segment of this country, primarily “real Americans” who want to tack the “No Mexicans – No Dogs” signs back on the mall wall.

Even athletes, with their noted lack-of intellectual curiosity, their clear void when it comes to the issues discussed in the dinning room, at the “big table” I’d submit, I’d hope like hell even guys who respond to the tag “the Freak,” should have the interest and mental capacity to understand when they’re “performing” for people who view them as mindless gladiators, Mandingos, man-sters man-i-mals . . . uniform-clad minstrels.

Let me be but yet another voice to implore of the NFL’s Denver Broncos organization, and specifically the Afro-American players on the squad – to boycott, as in not play , not participate, not perform in upcoming December 12th contest against the Arizona Cardinals.

It’s hard to grasp how men, of color could “put on a show” in a state where the voting age population rejected the MLK national holiday, then turns around and adopts Gestapo tactics towards . . . who – illegal aliens from the far away planet Mexico . . .

? What’s next and who’s next . . .

Is it asking too much of these one-time scholar-athletes to weigh n’ measure the facts – and then weigh-in, rightfully refuse to entertain residents of the state of Arizona. Gentlemen, please consider refusing to fatten the pockets of racist, sexist, elitist anti-anything but Rednecks.

This, the 48th state, where the conservative establishment – both the rank n’ file and the aristocrats – have come together, passed legislation that, to be blunt, demands Mexicans show their papers upon request from an officer applying his Lone Ranger instincts.

Yes, it is un flippin’ believable, but when I said what next . . . now Governor Jan Brewer has passed additional “Brown Codes.” Lynch-mob style legislation which bans, bars, prohibits the teaching of ethnic studies. HB 2281 bans schools from teaching classes designed for students of a particular ethnic group, promote resentment or advocate ethnic solidarity over treating pupils as individuals. The measure “prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group.”

Arizona appears to be stocked full of little Walt Kowalskis’, Clint Eastwood’s character in Grand Torino . . . one is schools chief Tom Horne, who has pushed for throwback laws like this for years, claiming ethnic studies programs promote “ethnic chauvinism” and racial resentment toward whites – while segregating students by race, of course he’s a Republican, running for attorney general.

It’s the same fear that spread across the West after the 19th century Indian wars, the fear of the “ghost dancers.” The fear of retaliation, the “big payback.”

According to the “wire” – “Horne has been trying to restrict the program ever since he learned that Hispanic civil rights activist Dolores Huerta in 2006 told students that ” Republicans hate Latinos.”

Now, what’s wrong with that statement?

Most Latinos believe it true, as do the most Blacks. Our voting patterns prove it. We don’t “feel any luv.” Every soc/eco/poly issue the GOP stands for. . . infers exactly that . . . .

“What’s wrong boss”?

“How you be wantin’ me to be thinkin’?”

We, as people-of-color, the great grand children of people deemed so inferior they were branded “human property” status – we interpret what we hear erupting out of the “Right” as a Redneck revolt, a White backlash based predominately on skin color.

The President is a Nigger.

Please, how can it be seen in any other form or fashion; states, damn near over-night threatening to leave the union – unless the President “shows his papers,” states declaring to illegals “your papers boy.” Governors ordering the celebrating of their Confederate legacy.

Is not “Confederate” but another term for “traitor” or maybe “turncoat?” This must be one of those instances when – one good ole boy’s an hero . . . is also a man, defending the right of white men . . . to enslave Black men if they so desire.

For the midget’s handful of Black people aware of this nation’s past; the executions of leaders, the murders of little girls and boys, the police brutality, the race riots hidden in America’s past . . . all this pitch-fork and saber rattling is alarming, because I know what travesties this nation is capable of.

I can only hope Brian Dawkins, Daniel Graham, one time proud Chocolate Republican – Champ Bailey, Kyle Orton and the rest of the Broncos understand the magnitude and gravity of this developing situation, these people in Arizona want to return to 1951, and if they had their way, your Black asses would not be allowed to even play ball.

Keeping that in mind, on 12/12, gentleman, I ask you, take your ball . . . and stay home.