Straight No Chaser: Hate, Hate, Hate!!!!

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: May 30, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — You may not dig this . . . but dig this.

“Flat as a board, butt like Shamu, skin complexion of a turd, nappy hair and 1 inch diameter nose holes. You guys who keep saying “you can only dream of having a body like that” & dat sista look so fine!!”

“I am guessing are pretty desperate. She at least appears to know what a Lady Bic is, I’ll give her credit for that much. There’s really nothing wrong with being a exhibitionist, if you have something to exhibit.”

“This she-beast would be doing everyone a great favor by covering up, and exposure like this should be illegal.”

I pulled that gem from one of the major national sports media websites; it’s an uncensored, yet to be whitewashed reaction to Venus Williams and her “out of the anal-puritan box” out-fit she recently donned at the French Open.

“Please no more pictures of the Williams brothers !! Ugliest apes ever !!”

That’s but one of many insults which goes beyond “personal taste” . . . and crosses over into something else . . . some blanket indictment called racial hatred.

Hell, it’s no confidential tier 7 top-secret; American society has never given the Black woman her due respect. No, instead the Black woman, her image and reputation has been recklessly, but deliberately crafted by a racist society, her femininity insultingly debated.

Simultaneously her flair, her intestinal fortitude, her color, her strength, her curvaceousness . . . . envied and emulated by all women.

Charm, grace, loveliness, I’ve childishly surmised, comes in all shapes, sizes n’ colors, knowing no color, no continent, no race nor ethnicity.

And can be embodied in any women – from Twiggy to full figure, from cream White to jet black, and all the colors between.

America’s convenient memory-loss and duplicity is tragically comical; Black women were deemed fit enough to raise little White boys n’ girls for 300 years in this country, play mammy in all aspects of the word, help mold n’ shape powerful Americans, while she raised her own – against all odds, to be good decent men and women – yet somehow today, she is regarded as lacking the character to raise puppies, let along children.

And a layer deeper, you’ve got this rejection of Black femininity by conservative White America, particularly males, who’ve had a bad 400-year long case of “Jungle Fever,” so much so, they took, they lured, they raped enough Black women – that Black America now comes in this tan/brown/black rainbow-of-a-race, reflecting all flavors and hues of an Starbucks coffee – displaying the lust of the Irish . . . British, German, Polish, you name it Euro-American men who, once they went black, they couldn’t go back.

The uncut truth . . . Black Americans come in every color, due in great part, to the founding fathers and their fraternity brothers who simply couldn’t’ resist. . . .

Yes, they lusted for the Black women, and took her, because she was even lower then his own women – the “lady” who had to live by the rule-of-thumb, was kept barefoot/with baby. A lady seen, yet not heard.

Think fundamentalist Mormons . . . on a national level. (“Fundamentalist” that’s to slow the “f-you Nigger” hate male.)

I’ve concluded, the anger and disgust you hear pouring out of Rush Limbaugh’s mouth, and that of his disciples . . . pouring-over into sports – has something to do with the fact; most attractive and intelligent Black women would never give these dweebs n’ pricks a second gander.

And keep in mind – Venus dates, as in long-term relationship, a White cat . . . he’s just not racist, sexist and insecure like most angry White guys in the Republican/Tea Party . . . home of the Neanderthals.

What adds insult to injury, the people harboring this type of twisted abhorrence for Black folks are furious because they see so many Black men with White women.

And it’s not limited to working class White trailer park trash, it’s the chick-i-boo from the “right” side of the track, right neighborhood, right schools, right everything, and she’s in love with.

The Black boy in her science class whose a captain on the Lacrosse team . . . who just happens to live in the neighborhood . . . because of the civil rights advancements of the 50’s n’ 60’s.

Call it integration, tab it diversity – both are apart of the progress Rand Paul, Beck and the boys want to erase, eradicate, make go away.

Today’s mainstream sports media, composed mainly of conservative White dudes, which reflects this racial contempt – was quick, and remains so – in painting/tainting the Williams ladies as Sapphire and Jezebel . . . on steroids, the embodiment of man-bitch; half man, half bitch . . . no part lady.

In a sports/entertainment world full of silly-ass snow bunnies like the Hilton Hoes n’ company, Serena, and now Venus, two alpha-female Horatio Algiers’, double-dipped in chocolate, who kicked-open the doors of an elitist country club sport like ladies tennis . . . have somehow come to epitomize the term unladylike . . . how can their womanliness be insulted and question with such spite, animosity and malice?

“Skin complexion of a turd, nappy hair and 1 inch diameter nose holes” . . . “apes.”

I well understand the human-pig who carved these words – is but one anonymous butt-head, still, these types of racist comments appear to be carved into the European-American culture, like Coke, Corvettes and mom’s apple pie.

“Apes”. And of course the horrific thought . . . is this guy a fireman, salesmen, teacher, doctor, cop, loan officer?

As I sit in my lab, with a pen n’ pad, I need look no further then Michelle Obama, the First Lady, who’s being slighted, once more, by FOX Grand Pooh-Pah, Glenn Beck to offer you an example of how these bastards have no known limits.

“Then we have the president of the United States. When our country is — our country is economically on fire, and I think we have Julius Caesar in the White House. Did you see the picture of his wife yesterday, all dolled up? ‘Sex in the City’ is what it said on the Drudge Report. She looks positively like she’s trying to be some Greek statue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the first lady with her — excuse the expression — but with her breasts all smooshed up, sort of. I mean, what is that?”

Or this swipe; “The president of the United States needs some of the trappings of the president of the United States. But there is such a disconnect when I see the two of them — and I see her in this dress. How much did this dress cost?” The weasel hit lower – “Was it true that there was — it’s, like, almost a million dollars a year for hair and makeup?”

Can I be truthful here? Black women, since well before the birth of this nation, have been made to stand in the back, back row, so the electronically tanned bimbo, with the snap-on ass, clip on breast and zip-on lips can attempt to display their rhythmic and athletic abilities . . . i.e., (dance) like a black girl . . . . walk like Dorothy Dandridge, talk like Eartha Kitt, have the backbone of Tina Turner and the economic savvy to construct an empire like Oprah.

See Madonna, Brittany etc., etc., etc . . . .

The insulting, hypocritical element of American history; Black women were denied the same access to privileged pampering, to “pomp n’ circumstance’ throughout US history, nonetheless, Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, Dianne Carroll, Vanessa Williams, Shirley Chisholm, Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz, Angela Davis, Cicely Tyson , Ruby Dee . . . Need I add Condelezza Rice, the half-black/half-Vulcan, snake-hearted witch – who’s used her powers for . . . for evil – she is still a lady – and all these women are but a snap-shot, a Kodak Moment of millions of black women, manufactured, like a Ford Model “S.” – in segregated Black society of the 1920’s thru today – beauty queens, Valedictorians, debutants, urban n’ suburban “Black Belles, and daddies princess – they do, believe it or not, exist.

Women are born, ladies are made . . . .

This nation is embedded with such serious hang-ups and insecurities when it comes to “who n’ what” it wants to promote and market as “attractive,” so much so, there’s a pre-calculated, pre-meditated, intentional propaganda effort always in perpetual motion – attempting to, by an onslaught of “just say anything”, to brainwash, to convince the masses – beauty started with Blondie, and went all the way down to brunette, but did not include black women.

Try this one for size; What a piece of trash she is …an embarrassment to the game and to the country! And you wonder why the rest of the world has such a low image of Americans.

Look at our “representatives.

Yeah, like I said, beauty, beauty n’ brains, it started with Barbara Bush and ended with Laura Bush . . . .