Raising Mr. James

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 17, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — This is merely speculation from a spectator.

But something strange happen during that Boston-Cleveland series.

Actually, it started when he shot that left-handed free throw against Chicago.

I am not saying, he wasn’t hurt. He probably was..

But something happen to him. He lost the spark in his eyes.

He lost the pep in his step. He lost the glide in his stride.

Maybe, it was simply too much pressure for his broad shoulders to carry.

Maybe, his knees buckled just a “little” bit with the entire city on his back while trying to make a layup while being double teamed.

Psychologically, it looked as if his heart was being held hostage.

Physically, it looked as if he was being tortured by thoughts of treason as he nervously bit his finger nails.

Honestly, he had that far away look in your eyes……

He, in fact looked spaced, spooked, shocked, and shooked as if he was playing Russian Roulette.

Something just wasn’t right.

Yeah, everybody is entitled to have a bad game, but he looked dis-connected, dis-engaged, and distant.

What was wrong with him?

Even the commentators noticed it. The sportswriters wrote about it.

The fans watched it. The barber shops debated it.

And we all saw it. Let’s not pretend.

Because he looked as if he had made a deal with the devil but regretted the decision.

He looked as if he had cashed out and in but was ashamed to admit it.

He looked as if he was fighting against himself.

It, in fact looked as if he had already exited the building before the game’s opening tip-off.

It looked as if he had conformed and joined the darkside.

Soul out and succumbed to the pressure.

But even before, he got the pen,his name was already signed on the dotted line.

He had already sealed the deal with the golden hand shake to avoid the silver bullet.

His suitcase was already neatly packed.

But only he knows the truth.

He tried to make it look good but his body language gave him away.

And to the city of Cleveland, I’m sad to say, I think it’s all over.

The Drive. The Fumble.The Shot. And the What Not.

And I witnessed it all….

The Fall of a Would be King.