Once And Four All

By Francis Walker, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 24, 2010

NEW YORK (BASN) — The trilogy between Israel Vazquez (39-5, 35 KOs) and Rafael Marquez (44-5, 32 KOs) proved to be a fight fans dream. It will go down in history as one of the greatest trilogies in boxing history.

Three fights simply wasn’t enough for Marquez, who has evened the score 2-2 following a third round KO on Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“I waited almost two years for this moment, and I made the most of it,” Marquez said. “I’d fight Vazquez a fifth time anytime. He deserves it. He knows how much respect I have for him.”

As tremendous as this fight series has been, it should be strongly noted that Vasquez and Marquez should not fight for a fifth time.

“That’s it,” said Vazquez’ manager Frank Espinoza, Sr. “[Vazquez] career is over. He’s not going to fight again.”

The physicality and brutality of his four-fight series has taken its toll on both men – in particularly, Vazquez. The 32 year-old Mexican has suffered a broken nose, lacerations above eyes, and a detached retina more than once.

Vazquez-Marquez IV wasn’t a great fight, but it did have drama. Vazquez and Marquez’ exchanges were fierce, but did not compare to their first three fights.

While Marquez fought intelligently by using his left jab to let his combinations go, Vazquez simply couldn’t keep pace. Vazquez, who entered the bout with a number of health ailments that required a lot of surgery, couldn’t see.

Having been cut over his left eye in the first round, Vazquez suffered a cut above his right eye after an accidental headbutt in the third round. Moments later, Marquez took full advantage of Vazquez’ inability to see and defend himself.

Vazquez became a human punching bag for Marquez. The punches were too fast, too sharp, and too accurate for Vazquez to counter. He absorbed too many punches and too much punishment to even have a puncher’s chance against Marquez.

“I would have liked to have won this to go up 3-1, but the cuts were not good,” said Vazquez said.

“I gave it all I had.”

Vazquez has had a wonderful run at the top and his legacy is in tact. Vazquez shouldn’t be allowed to fight anymore.

Once again, Marquez proved his determination and displayed his technical boxing skills. Marquez has had injuries himself that required therapy and rest because of his wars with Vazquez.

Marquez should and will probably fight again, but his days are numbered as well.

PHOTO: Tom Hogan, Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions.