Not So Strange Brew

By Troy A. Sparks, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 19, 2010

MILWAUKEE (BASN) — It’s sad to say that when an owner loses patience and money because his team is losing games, it’s time for someone to lose his job.

That’s probably where we’re at with Milwaukee manager Ken Macha. As the team is on the road this week, there’s a feeling in my mind that he won’t return with the Brewers when they come home after the weekend.

After being swept by Atlanta and Philadelphia at Miller Park last week, the Crew has the worst home record in the major leagues at 4-14.

Losing seven in a row doesn’t help matters for slugger Prince Fielder, who don’t know how the Brewers will break out of that slump.

“You come to accept the fact that you’re in (a slump),” Fielder said after Sunday’s loss to the Phillies. “The key is accepting it but just trying to make it shorter rather than getting frustrated. Once you get frustrated and start losing control, it just prolongs the situation.”

That’s really the wrong thing to say, Prince. It seems like you’re going through the motions because you can’t wait to get out of town after your contract is over.

With a 1-11 record in their last four homestands, the Brewers’ postseason hopes don’t bode well.

But hey, it’s only May, right?

Principal owner Mark Attanasio is probably wondering what he got himself into by opening his wallet and signing pitchers who can’t deliver, much less pitch past the sixth inning.

Naturally, the responsibility falls on Macha, who I think will be fired by mid-June.

Macha took a ho-hum approach during his Q and A session in the media room when asked if his job was on the line.

“When it’s all said and done,” he said, “I know that I’ve done the best job I can do. Everybody would like to continue to work, sure. But I know that I put everything I could into this job. That’s all I can do.”

Hey Ken, how about showing some guts on the field by arguing with the umpire on a questionable call.

Maybe you can get yourself thrown out the game, just to stick your neck out for the team.

And while you’re at it, try to interact with the clubhouse instead of isolating yourself from everybody else.

But I know that’s not your M.O.

I think general manager Doug Melvin should cut his losses right now and relieve Macha of his managerial duties. Isn’t that what the Brewers’ brass did to former manager Ned Yost after the team arrived in Chicago two Septembers ago with 12 regular season games left.

With all the indigestion that Attanasio is experiencing, he can get a little relief by releasing Macha, but that won’t cure his migraine headache after breaking the bank and not getting a return on his investments.

NOTE: Milwaukee’s overall losing streak reached nine games following Wednesday’s 6-4 loss to the Pirates at PNC Park.