New Road, Same Goal

By Travis H. Singleton, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: May 30, 2010

BOSTON (BASN) — In the Celtics’ journey in hopes of putting up banner No. 18, they have done it in a way that no other NBA team has.

They’ve been a better road team than a home team. No other team that’s gone to the NBA Finals has had a better road record then Boston (26-15) making them the first in league history to do so.

Now as the Celtics await the Lakers Thursday night, they realize that with a lot of players banged up it takes an all team effort.

Reserve Nate Robinson showed his talent off the bench with 13 points in the closeout game against the Magic.

They are going to need a lot of effort from the bench in the NBA Finals to prevail.

Head coach Doc Rivers reminds everyone that “this starting five has never lost a series” and wants that to continue as Boston rests up to prepare for their trip to the Staples Center.

The Celtics’ chemistry is real good right now and they are riding this hot streak all the way to Los Angeles. They’ve have gone 1-1 against the Lakers this year, including a road win at L.A.

Now me being the sports fan I am, statistics would show that Boston would want to play the Lakers so they can match up and set up their half-court defense.

The Celtics have showed signs of young legs in this postseason and have used them in the NBA’s marathon which we call the NBA Playoffs.

Bring on the Lakers!!!