True Weekend Warriors

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 18, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Lucian Bute is the forgotten Super Middleweight. While other top Super Middleweights are in involved in the Super Six, Bute is still fighting and winning in his adopted country of Canada.

The best punch of the opening round was a straight Bute left shooting through Miranda’s guard followed by a right hook.

In past fights, Miranda’s game plan consisted of throwing his right and going for the knockout but in this fight, he attempted to change his own style for this fight as he attempted to fight with two hands.

He tried to change his style against one of boxing better boxers. The second round saw Bute boxing and moving, but Miranda showed discipline as he did not just start throwing wild rights as he would have done in the past.

In the third round, the action started to heat up as Miranda connected on right twice and taunted Bute — who connected on combinations. Miranda figured that he already took Bute’s best as he stood up to taunt Bute a second time.

He moved forward after his taunt and he bowed down to avoid what he thought was a straight left coming in his way but he ran into a Bute’s uppercut.

Miranda went down and he did manage to get up but his leg wobbled and his eyes looked blank as the referee asked him if he could continue.

The referee saw the wobbled legs and decided he had enough.

This is the second fight in a row in which the slick boxing Bute stopped an all out slugger.

He stopped Andrade in four rounds and Miranda in three.

While the Super Six continues, Bute is letting the rest of the 168 Super Middleweights know that after the Super Six is finished, he is waiting for the winner.

Bute showed quick hands and surprising power.


In Atlantic City, Kelly Pavlik defended his Middleweight title against a slick boxing Sergio Martinez, who came off a tough close lost to Paul Williams . Pavlik’s only lost came as a Super Middleweight and he never lost as a Middleweight.

In the opening round, Martinez move in and out as he connected on a few more punches than the chasing Pavlik.

In the second round, Martinez did what he wanted to do as he open a cut over Pavlik’s left eye.

He managed to connect on a couple of hard rights but he was thoroughly outpunched.

In the third round, Pavlik closed the distance but at the end of the fourth round, Martinez nailed Pavlik with some solid left hooks that shook Pavlik.

The first four rounds were mostly all Martinez.

Just as he did in the third, Pavlik close the distance in the fifth but this time, he managed to connect with solid shots including power punches whereas Martinez’s punches came up short and this continued into the sixth round.

In the seventh round, a Pavlik right sent Martinez down for a flash knockdown as Martinez was off balanced and Pavlik seemed to have taken control of the fight and maybe he evened the fight on the scorecard with the knockdown.

With five rounds left; it was anybody’s fight. Pavlik continued to control the pace of the fight throughout the eighth and it looked like he was on his way toward defending his title.

In the ninth round, Martinez nailed Pavlik with a solid left as he opened up a second cut under the right eye as he reversed the momentum he lost the previous four rounds.

He became aggressive; depending upon his speed to outpunch Pavlik.

The blood flowing from Pavlik’s eyes stem his momentum as he appeared to be bothered by the cut over the eyes.

In the 10th round, Pavlik came out of his corner with right eye still bleeding as his corner only manage to stop the bleeding over his left eye and Martinez took advantage as he got off quick combinations to increase the blood flow.

Just as in the ninth, Martinez outhustled Pavlik.

He now found himself with two rounds left, needing to win both or possible knockout his opponent to keep his title.

Martinez ended the eleventh round with combinations that appeared to hurt the champion.

Now Pavlik’s corner told their fighter that he needed to “start pushing and you need to knock the motherf***ker out”. B ut Pavlik failed to connect on any significant punches where as Martinez shot enough punches to win the round and the fight.

Martinez won the fight when he adjusted in the final four rounds by being more aggressive.

In the opening rounds, Martinez move in and out, confusing Pavlik but between fifth through eighth round, Pavlik countered this strategy by jabbing which forced Martinez on the defensive and then followed with rights.

After the eighth round, Pavlik appeared to right the ship and took control of the fight.

Martinez responded by a more aggressive approach and a left open up a cut over Pavlik’s right eye.

Martinez retook control of the fight and won going away.

Pavlik had trouble a couple of years ago against a superior boxer in Bernard Hopkins and again, he had trouble against a quick boxer. As for Martinez, he now is the Middleweight champion and we may see Martinez-Pavlik if Pavlik exercises his contract option for a rematch.

The Middleweight have lost much of star power to the Super Middleweight but with Martinez and Paul Williams moving up, the Middleweight have gain two of boxing better fighters.