Titans make a ‘smart’ choice

By Jim Wyatt
Updated: April 25, 2010

TENNESSEE — The Titans not only got a safety, they got a Rhodes scholar when they selected Florida State’s Myron Rolle in the sixth round of the NFL Draft on Saturday.

Rolle gave up his senior season of college football to attend Oxford and was one of 32 students from the U.S. to earn the Rhodes distinction.

Unfortunately, it also led to some questions about his commitment to football. Rolle doesn’t regret the decision — not in the least — but admitted it cost him with NFL teams.

“It’s hard to quantify how many rounds, how much financial dollars it actually impacted,” Rolle said. “But God has a way of working things out and putting you in places where you belong. … It is a blessing, now you move on and try and be the best football player you can be.” As a junior Rolle earned second team All-ACC, third-team All-American and was a finalist for the Lott Trophy as the defensive player of the year.

He admitted to feeling some rust as he worked his way back into football shape at the Senior Bowl, but he improved all his drill times from the NFL Combine to his Pro Day.

Rolle stressed that he is very much committed to an NFL career.

“The fact that I have a lot of options, to go to medical school … to enter politics now or keep my foundation going strong, there are so many different avenues I could take right now,” Rolle said.

“The fact that I choose football, something that academics and people in the education realm can’t really understand, I think shows my testament. I gave up a lot, I sacrificed a lot in my Rhodes scholarship experience to stay in shape and make sure I was ready and prime myself for this exact moment right here.”

“When my classmates were drinking at the clubs at 1:30 in the morning or traveling, I was working out, training and resting my body and making sure I was ready to compete. So I love this game, I love this sport and I want it to be my vocation for the next 10 years.” Rolle is a distant cousin of former Titans cornerback Samari Rolle.

They were texting when Myron got the call from the Titans.