Thompson stays in the hunt

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 18, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — Owen Beck was once a prospect and in boxing, a prospect can either become a contender or an opponent.

As of now, Beck has become an opponent — a top 20 fighter maybe but not a top 10. Last Friday night, he was fighting Tony Thompson, a top ten and former contender for the championship.

In the opening minute of the first round, Thompson nailed Beck with a right hand hook and staggered him.

One minute later, Beck hit the canvas after another right hand hook but got up to finish round.

It was obvious who was the better fighter and this fight was in Thompson’s hand if he chose to end it, it would be over.

Over the next two rounds, Beck threw punches but they were ineffectual whereas Thompson punches often sent Beck back.

His punches hurt and occasionally staggered Beck. This became evident in the fourth round when Beck’s punches did little to discourage Thompson but after the first minute, Thompson drove Beck to the corner and nailed him with three accurate punches that left Beck defenseless.

As he covered up from the Thompson onslaught, Beck’s corner threw in the towel for their fighter had nothing left to either defend himself or even punch back.

Thompson won this fight and kept himself in the top 10 of the heavyweight division.

He wants one more shot at Wladimir Klitschko, who defeated him in their title fight with an 11th round knockout.

The problem with the heavyweight division is that it is the Klitschko’s brothers and it is the rest of the field.

Thompson is part of the rest of the field.


Hank Lundy challenged another prospect Tyrese Hendricks in a battle of the unbeatens. Seconds after the opening round, Lundy’s jab pushed Hendrick off the opening bell and in the first 30 seconds, Lundy sent Hendrick down.

He tried to fight back but Lundy nailed his opponent with a second straight left sent Hendrick down again.

Throughout the rest of the round, Lundy tried to end the fight as he unloaded with big shots but he couldn’t finish off his opponent.

(The replay showed that the first knockdown was actually a double knockdown as both fighters nailed each other but Lundy recovered more quickly. Poor Hendrick did not even get credit for his own knockdown of Lundy.)

Lundy began the second round on a search and destroy mission. He fought the first round as a southpaw but he fought the second round orthodox but he still connected at will as Hendrick retreated.

Lundy threw wild punches and while he missed often, he connected enough to hurt Hendrick.

A couple of body shots hurt Hendrick in the final minutes as he was bent over.

In the third and fourth rounds, Lundy pursued Hendrick.

However, he did not go to the body or jab, but his punches shook Hendrick.

The failure of not going to the body or jabbing allowed Hendrick to survive the early rounds as he avoided enough haymakers as Lundy’s punches become more inaccurate.

In the sixth round, Lundy’s combinations sent Hendrick to the canvas at the 1:00 mark as the head hunting Lundy connected on power shots that paralyzed Hendrick.

He continued to fight on and both fighters went toe to toe but Lundy’s power gave him the advantage.

Hendrick survived the round as he suffered some nasty body shots.

In the seventh round, Lundy took the proverbial foot off the paddle as Hendrick connected on some solid shots but in the eighth round, Hendrick seem content to box and move but he so far behind on the cards that he needed to attack.

In the final round, Hendrick looked gun shy as he continued his boxing.

After being pursued throughout the fight and being the recipient of many clubbing punches. Lundy won a decision but he didn’t look good as he seem content to throw winging punches.

Lundy won the fight but showed that he is still a prospect with much to learn.


Shawn Porter fought Colombian veteran Raul Pinzon on SHOBOX.

Pinzon never won a bout outside his native Colombia and this fight was no difference.

Porter came out smoking as he threw punches in bunches as he forced Pinzon on the defense and on the ropes.

Porter simply overwhelmed his opponent and a right hand ended the fight as Pinzon went down quickly.

After a 10 count, it was over and Porter had his one round knock round.

In the other bout, Fernando Guerrero came out early and was laying on the ropes for brief moments as Michael Walker pursued him to the corner. Eventually, the referee broke it up and Guerrero took the fight back in the middle of the round.

Guerrero forced Walker to the corner and nailed his opponent with several shots to the body and head as he did not have the quickness to counter back. In t he second round, Walker attacked but this attack was halted by Guerrero counter attack.

Walker retreated to the rope as he got nailed with combinations unleashed with flashing speed.

It proved helpless to stop the onslaught as Guerrero hit the body followed by quick power shots to the hit.

At the 1:49 mark, the referee stopped the fight and Guerrero continued on his move up the Middleweight division.