Taking Off The ‘Interim’ Tag

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: April 10, 2010

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Clarence Moore has had the “interim” tag removed from his title at Kentucky State University.

Finishing his first full season as Interim Head Men’s Basketball Coach after going from assistant to interim head coach the previous year, Moore has been appointed head coach by KSU Athletic Director Dr. Denisha Hendricks.

“He emerged as the best candidate for us because of the way he brought the team together,” Hendricks said. “We were also impressed with the way he handled the team, the amount of teaching that occurred during practice, the care he provided the team on and off the court and the importance he placed on academics.”

Moore’s passion for excellence has carried him through a state championship in high school, an NCAA championship game against the University of Connecticut when he was at Georgia Tech University and has fueled his coaching careers at the high school and university level.

“Student-athletes need to believe in themselves in order to be winners”, Moore said. When he played for Georgia Tech, his team was not highly ranked or expected to advance in the NCAA tournament.

When the team got a berth, it used its determination, passion and belief in itself to show all of the naysayers what a strong team it was.

Moore wants to do the same thing with the Thorobreds. He and his assistant coach, Antwain Banks, are working with the students to build their trust, confidence and skills so they can be one of the stronger teams next year.

They are trying to get to know their players on a more personal level so the student-athletes feel more relaxed around each other and the coaches, which will in turn translate into a more cohesive playing style.

Since he has been on campus for two years, Moore’s appointment will provide consistency and stability to the men’s program, Hendricks said.

His pre-KSU experience includes coaching stints at Paideia School in Atlanta, Ga., and Wagner Traditional School in Louisville, Ky., and he benefits from good advisers, such as Paul Hewitt at Georgia Tech and Cliff Warren at Jacksonville University, who help him with his coaching. Plus, he still has his competitive streak.

“I’m a winner,” Moore said. “I have won on every level that I have had the opportunity to play. I know that KSU has a rich tradition of winning, and I want to get back there.”

KSU finished the season 12-17 this season losing to Clark Atlanta in the second round of the SIAC Tournament.