Straight No Chaser: The Ireland Blues

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: April 29, 2010

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Jeff Ireland

Jeff Ireland

DENVER (BASN) — Dez Bryant, one time Oklahoma State wide out, present day No. 1 draft choice of America’s team, Jerry’s boys, The Dallas Cowboys, was offended when an NFL official, the Miami Dolphin’s Jeff Ireland inquired if his mother was still a working whore . . . . a prostitute.

He asked me if my mom’s a prostitute,” Bryant says, “No, my mom is not a prostitute.” “I got mad – really mad – but I didn’t show it. I got a lot of questions like that: Does she still do drugs? I sat and answered all of them.”

I’m more then offended, and I don’t even know the guy, nor his momma.

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Enlighten me, please. Is that the best “people skills” a top front-office executive can muster when interviewing a prospective employee . . . ? Is it even acceptable? Can that pass for “interpersonal communication skills?”

How arrogant and pompous must an individual be to submit someone to this line of Questioning? What type of organization can minimize, slight, even rationalize such insolence?

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The big Tuna, Bill Parcells, a noted and recognized “Negro Whisperer” who can, like Dr. Doolittle, talk to the animals, communicate with the half human Black manimals who dominate professional sports in the US – knows Jeff Ireland was off base – and I can only hope he bitch slaps this punk right out of the front office.

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I’m elated Dez named this punk-ass weasel who asked such an insensitive question. One which can only be asked by someone like Ireland who had to feel a certain level of audacity, g all , nerve, lets say . . . superiority – to even pose such a question in such a blunt manner.

I’d think team ownership, Stephen Ross , Wayne Huizenga, Gloria Estefan , Emilio Estefan , Jennifer Lopez , Marc Anthony , Venus Williams , Serena Williams unless they’re all personal friends of Rush Limbaugh’s, would reprimand (or fire) the insensitive bastard on the spot.

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But, if I were in Sin City, making a small wager on this controversy, I’d bet, beyond a token gesture . . . not much will be done to send a message to other team officials – that type of insulting intergenerational type methods are not acceptable.

Why? Ireland merely offended the “help”. And since his mother has a background of unfortunate behavior . . . what Ireland said was acceptable, if not warranted in the eyes of aristocratic owners.

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Bryant’s mother, Angela, gave birth to Dez at the early age of 15, as well as Bryant’s sister and brother before 18.

By all accounts she lived a hard knock life, caught the pencil during Dez’s childhood, which caused Dez to be passed from at various relatives and family friends.

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Clearly, there’s a disconnection between the haves . . . and the have nots, the land-lords . . . and the land-less, between rich and poor, and between Black and White in this nation.

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Need I remind wealthy White males, like Jeff Ireland; Everybody’s life is not as charmed as his most likely was.

Everyone is not born into White privileged, not everyone was born with a titanium spoon in their mouth, everyone was not promised . . . and given – a rose ga rden.

It’s not everyone who can go from rags to riches like Horatio Alger. Everyone didn’t arrive on the Mayflower and, believe it or not Mr. Irland – everybody didn’t land on Plymouth Rock . . . Plymouth Rock landed on them.

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And not everyone can pull themselves up from their boots, some folks don’t have boots . . . or even feet.

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Ireland is the stepson of College Football Hall of Famer E. J. Holub, who played center and linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Texans .

Ireland is also the grandson of Jim Parmer, who played for the Philadelphia Eagles and was a personnel executive for the Chicago Bears.

Translation, this punk missed no meals, had three hots and a cot all his life. I’d submit, Dez Bryant’s mother was born onto a path which placed her in har m’s way . . . by the time she hit puberty . . .

But I know, everybody born into chaos and disorder are suppose to be able to improvise, adapt and overcome all adversity . . . just like in the movies.

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Empathy, sympathy, understanding, even unwanted pity . . . where is it Mr Ireland? What about employing a little tact, decorum, diplomacy?

I can only assume Ireland lacked the initial common decency and respect to treat Dez Bryant . . . the way he’d want to be treated, and that’s the problem.

Even if your mother’s had a checkered life, most kids still love their mothers – how can someone just blurt something like that out?

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It appears to be a re-occurring, ongoing issue with a large slice of White America. An inability to get along with, and play nicely with all the other children on the global playground . . . .

Nonetheless I’m not shocked there’s people who can explain such a maternal slighting.

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Here in Denver, the Right wing Rednecks behind radio mics regularly discuss the President’ s parents relationship when Barack Obama was conceived.

It seems between Peter Boyles , and the infamous Mike Brown (The Big Easy Mass Murderer) they’ve incited an angry lynch-mob of White men – determined to prove Obama has no character . . . based in part on – his mother is a slut. They both promote and claim the Internet pics of the President’s mother naked . . . are legit.

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Don’t take my word just tune into Denver talk radio . . . it sounds like a Klan meeting all day, everyday.

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Jeff Ireland ought to deem himself lucky . . . because Dez Bryant would have been more then justified in most people’s eyes had he knocked Ireland’s teeth down his throat, but the young, wild, emotional, volatile half-animal that Dez is . . . he maintained his composure.

It’s a testimonial to the young mans maturity and discipline . . . but it won’t be played like that by most White sportswriters.