Straight No Chaser: Roger and Ben’s Burden

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: April 21, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — A trio of women have been sending me smoke-signals, beating their war drums over the last couple of weeks, they don’t know each other, and, live in different geographical regions of the country.

But all three are inflamed, outraged, on the verge of going on the warpath, and rightfully so.

They just can’t phantom the “kids glove” treatment, the “sucking-up” Big Ben Roethelisberger has received from the police, the league , the press and the vastly all male fan-base.

Ben’s fiasco embodies and symbolises those ills which plaque our world; sexism, racism and classism – elitism, in the form of jock worship. A little Bro-mance. Man-luv unleashed.

I look in my little girl’s beautiful brown eyes . . . ponder her tomorrows, and then I read these ladies words – and I think I begin to feel their anger.

The hypocrisy in this case is over-the-top, so much so, it vividly displaying sexism runs across all races and thru all classes of people.

Women, universally are disrespected in a multitude of ways, and up until the last century – insecure, weak men forced their will upon women . . .

just because they physically, economically could.

And, as we all know, and should brainwash our children to grasp . . . the only type of man who forces himself on a women is no man, but rather a punk-ass predator who preys upon women, he’s both a weasel and a bully.

Please, someone enlighten me . . . is there some belief Roethelisberger is not a weasel, a bully, a rapist?

Apparently there was some question, some doubt in Roger Goodell’s mind.

Goodell, spokesman for the NFL owner’s country club seems to be torn – as if this case is complicated; Big ass Big Ben secured the services of appliance size rent-a-cops, who this night kept passer-byers passing on bye as he assaulted a 20-year-old women.

Johnny Law attempted to influence the alleged victim to not file charges after they belittled her (“the drunk bitch is accusing Ben of rape”) the alleged victim from filing charges.

Surveillance tapes “accidentally” taped over and subsequently erasing the crime scene – which was disinfected and sterilized, sanitized floor to ceiling, with Mr. Clean before they summoned the G men.

C’mon man . . . ! Gimmie’ a flippin’ break! Don’t piss down my back, and then inform me it’s raining.

Need I note, Goodell speaks for a bunch of fatcat team owners, whom a number of had no qualms, harbored few reservations about opening the NFL plantation door to Rush Limbaugh, the Grand Pooh-Pah of today’s dressed-up Klan.

It’s hard to believe these bottom-line greedy bastards are going to allow a major gate attraction, a Great White Hope like Ben be sat down for half-a-season, maybe the entire season just because, in their Fred Flintstone like little minds – some bimbo threw herself at Ben, “ask for it”, and then when Ben gave it to her . . . and she cried “rape.”

Furthermore, it’s no stretch to conclude Goodell was on a “Saving Captain Ben” rescue mission; His orders are to play this in a way it appears Ben is being treated no different then the Black boys who screw up . . .

Yet only serve him with a token slap on the ass, a symbolic punishment to appease the dumb-ass masses, then throw the big stud back out there so he can fill the stands, make money for the owners.

Discipline, doled out in the identical manner the local police do.

Justice is reserved for just us Black folks. And please don’t forget- Ben was also is being sued by another woman who claims he raped her in ’08 at a Lake Tahoe resort.

Roethlisberger denied the accusation and was not criminally charged in that case. He has claimed counter-damages in a lawsuit.

Godell could fine and/or suspend Roethlisberger under the league’s personal conduct policy.

And it could snow in Hell thus afternoon . . . .

Either Big Ben is as “sharp” as a bowling ball, and is the victim/target of gold diggin’ wenches, or, this big cat needs to be behind prison walls being anally ganged-raped on a regular basis.

That’s what I’d want to see happen to Ben if he raped my daughter . . . an eye for an eye, every dog has his day . . . all that biblical justice.

Here, allow me to fling the race card across the table . . . !

Big Ben Roethelisberger’s ass would be like new-mown grass at this point in the tale – after the press and fan base got thru with him . . . if he were black.

Only for the simple fact he’s of the Caucasian persuasion . . . least he, and his NFL career be hanging from the nearest oak tree.

Vick killed . . . dogs. Plax shot . .

. himself, Pac man’s an alcoholic who’s got a stripper fixation – and their frontier justice came down from the mountain top quickly, with a swift vengeance.

However, for Ben, accused of raping women . . . it was a ‘take your time approach” from Goodell.

“Obviously there are disputes about the facts that occurred that night,”but [this behavior] is something that we take very seriously, and our players should not put themselves in those positions.

“The issue here is with respect to a pattern of behavior and bad judgments,” You do not have to be convicted, or even charged with a crime, to be able to demonstrate that you’ve violated a personal conduct policy, reflect poorly not only on themselves, but all of their teammates, every NFL player, and everyone associated with the NFL. I have expressed that directly with [Roethlisberger].”

Why the extensive weighing and measuring before they pound a man .

. . ? Well see Ben’s a member of an exclusive, ever-shrinking endangered spices. . . . the Alpha White Male.

Once America’s playing fields were somewhat leveled, once America’s version of apartheid was softened, once the legal exclusion of Blacks from all meaningful aspects of life was halted – somewhat, and once fair and legit competition was permitted . . . the Great White Hope had to be created.

The artificial stranglehold that White men had on society had to be maintained somehow. That’s the reason, the status, the supreme designation Ben R.

holds which allows for all the stalling. He can’t go down , he’s a Great White Hope; he embodies and symbolizes the testicular power of the White Gladiator.

White men need somebody to represent them in this country’s national pastimes. And he surely can’t go down over a broad, dame, chick who probably, check this . . . “wanted it anyway.”

Finally, for whatever the reasons, American society -White folks, see Ben as not as repeat predator, but just a young kid with a slight sexual issue. Try wayward youth – at almost 30. Still but a hooligan, ala just an incorrigible.

Now, if Ben were Black . . .

racist rednecks like Rush and Glenn Beck would be holding him up as living n’ breathing evidence of all Black folks low moral fiber.

But since Ben’s White – it merely reflects on him, not his entire race, family, neighborhood, school, culture . . . .Well maybe 3/5ths of a living n’ breathing human.

This unwillingness to view angry, mean, greedy white men for what they can be . . . angry, mean, greedy white assholes . . . is business as usual, it’s how unjustified, uncalled for violence within pro-hockey flourishes in the NHL.

Same goes for NASCAR Drivers permitted to endanger other drivers and race fans by playing Speed Racer/Racer X, risking Every-one’s well being . . . because one of these always angry White dudes is pissed, and wants to throw a temper-tantrum . . . at 197 mph.

Let me paint with a broad brush; White males appear to be virtually incapable of admitting obvious faults, short-comings and anger, and always determined to minimized, rationalized, and justifiable the indefensible. it makes no sense, it’s like being in the . . .

Twilight Zone.

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, between Dick Cheney’s ears, and it lies between the pit of an everyday man’s fears and the summit of Beck’s knowledge.

This is the dimension of delusional thoughts. It is an area which we call “The angry White man’s world.”

Rod Steiger said something like that . . .