Straight No Chaser: High Standards??

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: April 18, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — According to the Republican’s dark Under-lord . . . . Grand Pooh-Pah, Michael Steele, the RNC chairman told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that, as an African-American, he is being held to a higher standard than his white peers.

“The honest answer is ‘yes,’ ” he said on Good Morning America.

“It just is.” Barack Obama has a slimmer margin. We all — a lot of folks do. It’s a different role for me to play and others to play, and that’s just the reality of it. But you take that as part of the nature of it.

“That’s just the reality of it . . . ” Is that, Mr.

Steele, the reality of it for most . . . if not all Black folks? We’ve a “slimmer margin of error. You mean . . . White folks; co-workers, both my boss and the guy beneath me is constantly watching, waiting, sometimes hoping I screw up so, and this is critical – get rid of a guy they didn’t want to hire anyway . . . .

Yeah, this Colored boy is right . . . that’s exactly how it is, and most folks of color have know that simple fact since they stepped out of their mother’s womb.

If the president of the United States is subjected to such duplicitous standards, as is the head of the Republican National Committee . .

. then I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest the same different set of rules apply for the Black office clerk, teacher, firemen, Lab Tech, butcher, baker, computer-chip maker.

And I can only guess . . . “it just is?” Are Black coaches and players held to some other standard different than that of their White peers? Donovan McNabb suggested just Black QB’s in the NFL were . . . and he was lynched for it.

Most men of color understood Vick and Barry Bonds are being punished, made examples of “what we do with uppity niggers.”

Gentlemen, it’s clear, the Angry White Man Holding Company has employed as their company line; “How dare you suggest this nation is not colorblind” regardless of, in the face of most people-of-color arguing just the opposite – it is.

Americans of all colors make this very assertion – everyday, and it is dismissed. Yet the Chair of the RNC believes it to be the very nature of the country. And he may well pay for uttering the truth. Tell the truth, shame the Devil . . . my NaNa said that, all the time. Baby ,tell the . . . .

I’m not going to drift down some lazy river . . . bore you with the obvious element of Steele’s peculiar plight; a sell-out, being sold-out, by the folks he sold-out his own people for . . . now he ain’t got nowhere to go. NO?

Instead, let’s understand “what” he’s being shot in the back for. It’s not really the reckless spending charges, that’s a convenient cover. It’s the fact that yes, Steele is incompetent, feeble and powerless at the end of the day.

He’s been displaying that from day one, but nonetheless he was given the position in a tactical move – he was a pawn. a Black Trojan horse to counter the rise of Obama. Just as Sarah Palin is suppose to be the Right’s clinically cloned counter-move for Hillary.

And most people can’t help but see the hypocrisy. Even Republicans. Most of us casual observers aren’t outraged over political pimps playing at a strip club. It has much more to do with Conservatives and their supposed commitment to mother, family, flag, apple pies and Puritan type social responsibilities – and all that endless screaming about, dig this “family values.”

Steele should be dismissed for his grandiose, clueless behavior.

So, in all honesty – he should have never been given the RNC seat of power. The mere point that he was – illustrates in stark black n’ white how very out-of-touch the Grand Ole Party actually is with the country.

And I guess – where’s the shock in that? The WASP base which is America – has isolated and insulated themselves from the rif-raff with designer crafted, moat surrounded draw bridge electrified arm-guarded gated communities . . . urban fortresses, with their own private and now Charter schools.

Two different Americas – an a-drift empire . . . within a crumbling empire.

Suburbia now encroaches upon rural. White folks have exited, stage Right, fled integration and diversity, in a somewhat careless manner, i.e., “the sprawl” the reckless building, the ill-planned growth which has created the traffic and congestion – is in part based on the reality most, not all, but most White folks would rather not “mix n’ mingle” with the hired help . . . the little people.

But I’m not suppose to believe my “bat senses”, ignore the Tea-Baggers, Pat Robertson, the GOP Governors who’re threatening another civil war, Dick Cheney’s private military forces waiting for the Right time, another 9-11, another natural disaster, another man mad event . . .

another assassination and resulting unrest . . . .

Steele, like Palin, like the Rooney Rule in the NFL are reflections of how stupid the power elites, at any level, in any field, believe the masses to be . . . simply dumb asses.

Token gestures, window dressing, eye-candy, camouflage . . . . Seriously, some group of GOP know-it-alls’, starting with Newt Gingrich – who is still supporting his boy Mike, believes if you dress up a rat . . . put lipstick on that rat . . . it ain’t no rat no mo’.

Let’s go abstract, compare/contrast; Think of the West Virginia mining company’s attempting to be concerned and fixated on trying to get to . .

. murdered men, men their own arrogance and greed killed.

These bastards have a history of serious safety violations, via the bought n’ paid-for, in-full politicians they’ve had remove the “bite” out of the laws which allegedly govern these greedy fatcats.

The sad sorry truth . . . you and I, Black or White, Baptist or Lutheran, urban or suburban, fisherman or lady bowler, conservative or liberal – once more . . . you n’ I – aren’t suppose to be sharp enough to attribute these men’s deaths to unbridled capitalism.

A system which has had removed all the meaningful checks and balances required to place human well being above personal profit. Wall Street profit . . . at any cost to Main street.

How they did it . . .by almost eradicating worker solidarity . . . unions. It ain’t really about Black, White, Brown, Yellow or Red – it’s about green baby.

These “real Americans” deaths are suppose to be an unfortunate event which is tragically . . . just apart of the job. Those men understood the risk.

Ain’t that a bitch. How dare these aristocratic SOB’s say such aristocratic crap . . . but they do – I heard a cat say just this on Randi Rhodes a few days ago.

We’re not a stupid people. Mildly educated, slightly enlightened . . . yes, but stupid, that may be going a tad too-far.

Steele can’t blow n’ twist in the turbulent political winds of Washington, he can’t have it both ways and we the people not see that.

You can’t, on a Monday accuse Black America of seeing White sheeted Klansmen under every rock, then on Thursday agreeing with most Black folks; the margin of error differs for colored folk.

Honestly, all-of-a-sudden your Black ass is believing your black ass, and hands, face, feet, speech pattern, undeniable culture, basic core values even – are characteristics White Republicans have to adjust to, learn to “deal with.”

Yet race is a non-factor in America. Really? I’m confused Mr.


So, let me see if I grasp the complexity of this buffoons argument; Obama’s race – stands as a clear and present determining factor in how the President is perceived and received by White America. And, Obama is held to a higher standard then Hillary or John Edwards would have been had either gained the Oval Office.

The same hypocrisy applies to Steele – the GOP membership, vastly all White requires he cross his “t” and dot his “i”, while for the others it’s irrelevant . . . . For him . . . it could cost him his gig as the Official GOP Doorman.

On one hand, race is supposedly an almost meaningless factor, say in relation to the “Right’s” current volcanic eruptions over Obama’s residing in the White House. White house?

Did I say “White House? Sorry, hard to brake a habit. BlackHouse. However, race is a tangible factor in Steele’s mind as he hears his “people” demand he step down.

If race is, according to Steele “just the nature of it” then it must be a factor both coming n’ going, not just when this plantation jester needs a fire resistant blanket to drape over is spineless back.

“It just is.”


Steele, I’ve been authorized by the Black powers that be, and they be . . .

to demand you relinquish your Official Black Man Identification card, decoder ring, prophylactics, Bar-B-Q’ing tips, everything, hand it over buddy, right here.