More Weekend Boxing Results

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 5, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — A few weeks ago, Chevelle Hallback wanted a second shot at Holly Holm and her WIBA Junior Welterweight title.

Holm is one of the best female boxer in the U.S. with quick hands and even quicker feet, providing a big challenge to Hallback.

Holm started the fight as she ended her previous bout with Hallback as she moved around her, shooting her right jab to Hallback’s head. Hallback attempted to load up her right hand but she couldn’t connect.

Holm’s speed allowed her to escape many of Hallback’s sledgehammer shots and her hand speed allowed her to counter. Hallbark stalked Holm, looking for the one big shot that would turn the fight around.

But she could not connect on that one big shot. Holm continuously nailed Hallmark with quick combinations as she missed widely against Holm. In the middle rounds, Hallback managed to stagger Holm on a few occasion but she couldn’t put together combinations against the swift Holm.

She may have suffered the effect of the Hallback’s sledgehammer punches, but her movement kept the damage to a minimal. Hallback could not let her hands go as she was consistently getting peppered by Holm’s combinations.

In the eighth and ninth rounds, Hallback finally got Holm into a trench warfare as both went toe to toe. She dominated the early part of the rounds but eventually overwhelmed by Holm hand speed.

In the final round, Hallback went for the knockout and she even landed two solid rights but Holm foot movement kept the champion out of harms way most of the fight.

For Hallback, she fell short as Holm won an easy decision.

This was a case of very good fighter up against a young gun at her peak and Hallback just did not have the right style to defeat a quicker fighter. Holm showed that she may be the best woman boxer in America as she took apart a tough fighter.

This was not Hallback’s night.

Delvin Rodriguez vs Mike Arnaoutis

On Friday night, Puerto Rican Delvin Rodriguez returned to his adopted home of Connecticut as he fought Greece native, Mike Arnaoutis in a fight featuring two very good fighters and Arnaoutis was moving up to the welterweight to challenge Rodriguez.

In the early rounds, Rodriguez was the aggressor but neither fighter hurt each other as very little punches landed. Arnaoutis retreated throughout the early rounds and he failed to connect with anything hard as Rodriguez won the outside fight where he controlled the action with his jab.

In the fifth round Arnaoutis connected on some solid straight left as he became aggressive in an attempt to change the fight. In the fight’s closest round at that point, Arnaoutis may have won the round with his accuracy of his punches.

At the opening of the seventh round, Rodriguez’s corner told their fighter, forget about perfection and start punching. Rodriguez followed his corner advice as he moved forward behind his jabs and then unleashed his right.

This gave Arnaoutis a chance to counter as he slipped a few punches before hitting with his own straight left. He nailed Rodriguez with a low blow and lost a point deduction as he had been warned in a pervious round and suddenly he was facing a possible two point deficit for the round.

In the 10th round, Arnaoutis adjusted as he maneuvered around Rodriguez and nailed him with solid lefts. Rodriguez had the advantage in work rate but his straight forward style became predictable, allowing Arnaoutis to score accuracy.

It was Rodriguez turn to adjust as he changed his punching venue in the 11th. Instead of jab then a straight right, Rodriguez added a left hook to go with the solid right.

Rodriguez twisted a solid right that open a cut over Arnaoutis’ left eye. For most of the 11th round, blood spurted out of Arnaoutis left eye and in the 12th round, he chased a game Arnaoutis, who made the fight close in many of the later rounds.

Rodriguez’s aggressiveness allowed him to capture the final round.

Rodriguez threw and connected on nearly three times as many punches and this lead to a unanimous decision. The victory put him in place for another title shot whereas Arnaoutis fell short once again against a quality opponent.