Lewis looking forward to life in Canada

By Larry Millson and James Hall
Updated: April 22, 2010

TORONTO — It’s a good thing for outfielder Fred Lewis that the Blue Jays are home for several more days.

He had a week’s worth of traveling just getting to Toronto after he was traded to the Jays by the Giants on April 15.

The 29-year-old from Wiggins, Miss., had to go home to pick up his passport before making his first trip to Canada, arriving at Rogers Centre last Friday during the Blue Jays’ 7-5 loss to the Angels.

“I don’t really know much about Canada so I’m just learning,” Lewis said, his luggage still beside his locker. “It took me almost an hour [to clear customs]. I had to find a website that had something to do with me in it and had to show them that.”

“I had my passport there but that wasn’t enough. It was kind of a long day.”

The Southern University product was with Triple-A Fresno on a rehabilitation assignment playing Toronto’s Triple-A team in Las Vegas. After he heard of the trade, one he had requested, he said, “It was like music to my ears”

That’s when the trip began.

“It started at 11:30 [Thursday] night, I flew from Vegas,” he said.

“I flew to Atlanta to Gulfport [Mississippi] and from Gulfport to Charlotte to here.”

The left-handed hitter wanted the trade because he felt he might have more playing time elsewhere.

“I just wanted a better opportunity to play every day so I’d get more at-bats,” Lewis said. “I got what I asked for. … I was very excited when I got the news.”

He has played mostly in left field in the Majors, although he says he can play the other outfield positions.

“Coming up through the Minor Leagues, I played more center than left,” Lewis said. “But now I’ve been basically stuck in left.”

When he was asked if his possible role has been discussed with him, Lewis said, “Just staying patient right now and just waiting on my time.”