He Is A Keeper!

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 28, 2010

SEATTLE (BASN) — At 6-feet-3 and 217 pounds, Sean Johnson could’ve played any sport that he wanted, but football (soccer) has always been his first love.

“I started playing when I was 10 years old and played throughout school. My father was the greatest inspiration to me and just stayed with it,” said Sean.

His hard work and tenacity have paid off by being taken 51st overall in the MLS 2010 Draft by the Chicago Fire Soccer Club . This goalkeeper is a force to be reckoned with and hasn’t begun to scratch the surface of how good he can be.

Sean started off playing soccer as a mid fielder but eventually found his way into the net when he was 14 years old and hasn’t looked back since.

“As a goalkeeper you see everything from the back and you try to keep things organized, it’s the mid fielders that make things go and I just try to point out the necessities,” added Johnson.

This 20 year old rookie out of Atlanta Georgia is quickly becoming a student of the game and keeps and close eye on his teammate Andrew Dykstra and what some of the other goalkeepers in the league such as Kasey Keller of the Seattle Sounders FC and Jon Busch of the San Jose Earthquake.

All of these goalkeepers have the same characteristics, height, weight and athleticism.

“I look a few different players in the league and always try to find something that I can implement in my repertoire and keep developing to become better,” said Sean.

The fans in Chicago have been awesome and Section 8 follows the Chicago Fire FC wherever they go.

Sean has signed a few autographs and often gets noticed around the city but he hasn’t let the success go to his head.

“It’s kind of cool being a pro after dreaming so long about this moment as a kid.

My work ethic hasn’t changed and I focus on improving each day.

I still stay in touch with my same old friends and remain humble,” stated Johnson.

Sean may be a rookie but he trains like a veteran.

He understands that to be successful in this league his going to have to put in the extra work on his own time and make the most of each opportunity that he’s given.

During the off season Sean will be in Atlanta running a couple of Youth Soccer camps to show the residents that there are a few more sports other than football and basketball to get involved.

Until then, he’s a proud member of the Chicago Fire FC.