Bring On The Final Four

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 1, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — And then, there were four. But the question remains, who will you, be rooting for?

Butler, West Virginia, Michigan State, or Duke.

My grandmother told me I couldn’t cheer for the Duke Blue Devils because she doesn’t allow Devil worshippers in her house. Sorry, Coach K, my grandma believes in God not the Devil.

My older brother — who graduated from North Carolina A&T State University — said, I should be pulling for Michigan State because on March 26, 1979, Magic Johnson led the Spartans past Larry Bird and Indiana State in the NCAA title game which sparked this thing we now know as “March Madness” today.

This was an excellent point, my brother was trying to make, but I didn’t like Magic or Bird in college or in the NBA. Besides, I was a Philadelphia 76ers fan and rocked a Big Afro like Julius Erving aka Dr.J.

My cousin, who is a proud member of Omega Phi Psi Fraternity Incorporated overheard my brother and I discussing the Final Four and confidently stated while looking at me while his left eye began to twitch that I should always pull for the “underdog” before he started jumping up and down and barking like a dog.

But while he was barking and leaping on one leg, he accidently broke my Grandmother’s antic vase and she banned him from coming over the house.

So I guess, I’ll have to pull for the Butler Bulldogs. But despite earning a No. 5 seed and making the Sweet 16 two other times in 2003 and 2007, Butler is still considered an “underdog.”

Ironically, Butler University which is a private school with about 4,500 students on the north side of Indiana plays in Hinkle-Field House, which was the site of the most beloved “underdog” movie ever made, called “Hoosiers”

So with that said, Butler remains the “underdog” and the fan favorite since this year’s Final Four is being played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Butler ‘s Cinderella road to the Final Four started when they made 13 three-pointers against UTEP in the first round. Next, they defeated Murray State with a last second tip by Gordon Hayward.

But Butler’s sweetest victory came against the top seeded Syracuse Orangemen, which they toppled 63-59.

With the impressive victory over Syracuse, the University of Butler took on the No. 2 seeded Kansas State Wildcats which they won 63-56 with a little help from Gordon Hayward once again, who poured in 22 points and nine rebounds.

But despite all of that, I simply can’t pull for a school named Butler. Besides, we have a Black President now.

So, I guess, I will be pulling for the Mountaineers of West Virginia.

Why? Because during the Christmas holiday while watching West Virginia defeat Seton Hall 90-84 in overtime on CBS, my mother turned and looked at me and said “Now those guys from West Virginia can play some ball.”

Therefore, I am predicting West Virginia will be the NCAA 2010 Basketball Champions.

Besides, Momma knows best.