A weekend of great fights

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: April 25, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — In a reversal of styles, Carl Froch boxed and moved whereas the normally counter punching Mikkel Kessler moved forward as both managed to hit with some solid shots in the opening rounds but Froch proved not easy to hit.

As the third round ended, Kessler proved to be more active and nailed the British champ with some solid right hand body shots but Froch’s jab made it difficult for Kessler to get a rhythm.

In the middle of the fourth round, Froch connected on his best shots, a right hand over Kessler’s left jab. He proved to be the effective counter puncher in a fight that everyone presumed that Kessler would be the counterpuncher and Froch would just

attack, attack and attack.

In the fifth round, Froch countered with a left hook that shook Kessler and continued to nail his Danish opponent with solid punches in a round that saw Froch starting to take command.

At the halfway mark, it was close fight with both fighters showing burst but Froch’s right hand proved to have just a little more punch. Kessler had a strong seventh round as his aggressiveness allowed him to connect with flurries and possibly take the round.

Kessler rocked Froch with solid right that staggered him and he chased Froch in an attempt to end the fight. Froch walked back to his corner with cut over the bridge of his nose.

Both fighters threw wild haymakers at the conclusion of the ninth round which followed a dominant Kessler eighth round.

In the ninth round, he continued to pressure Froch but there were times in the round that Froch turned from being the hunted to the hunter.

In the 10th round, Kessler’s left eye started to bleed as a sneaky right from Froch opened the cut.

He began once again to impose his strength as with a minute left, nailed Kessler with another right.

In the round, Kessler’s short left hooks and rights did connect as he ended the round forcing Froch to the rope but he had two of the best punches of the round.

In the 11th round, Kessler came out smoking and won the first minute of the round but Froch nailed him with right and left in the middle round. Kessler threw a beautiful left hook after a Froch flurry that slowed his onslaught before a right hand pushed Froch to the rope.

The round ended with fire fight as both fighters went toe to toe.

Like the 10th round, the 11th proved a hard round to score. As the final and 12th round, Kessler’s corner told their guy, “If you want the title, go get it.”

With the last one minute and half, both fighters fight with desperation as each fighter never could get the advantage over the other as Froch forced Kessler to the rope only to see him to fight right back.

The final round reflected the whole fight as both fighters could have been declared the winner. Kessler’s left eye was bleeding but Froch’s nose and his left eye was cut as well.

Both fighters showed the effect of the fight in the best fight of the Super Six tournament in a tournament that has featured some great fights.

Kessler won the decision 117-111, 115-113, and 116-112.

But the fight was even closer and certainly could have been scored in the other direction.

This fight showed the brilliant of the tournament as great fighters were force to fight great fighters, which is what boxing should be.

With the five fights done and the Ward- Green fight still left, each fighter had at least one victory with the exception of Green who is replacing Jermaine Taylor.

This tournament showed how even the top Super Middleweights were.

The one factor that has proven decisive was the home town advantage.

Every fighter who fought in his hometown has won.


Alfredo Angulo is a tough Mexican brawler who seeks and destroys his opponent.

His opponent was Joel Julio, who was viewed with similar awe a couple of years ago but has won three of his last fights including a six round knockout lost to James Kirkland, who is presently in jail.

Both fighters began the fight exchanging jabs, but Angulo’s punches looked sharp, accurate and straight whereas Julio’s punches were wider.

Angulo pursued Julio and close the distance.

In the second round, Julio’s movement allowed him to escape a few of Angulo’s punches, but Angulo managed to land a few straight shots during the last minute of the round.

In the third round, Julio’s boxing movement slowed down Angulo’s own offense and he started to connect on solid combinations. Julio’s own past reputation was that of a knockout artist but on this night, Julio boxed to avoid Angulo’s big punches.

In the fifth round, Angulo pushed Julio to the rope in the last minute with solid combination.

By the sixth round, Julio appeared to move three steps for every one that Angulo moved but the Mexican fighter close the distance as he punctuated the round with solid combinations to the body.

Angulo appeared to solve the problem of Julio movement.

By the ninth round, Angulo’s power started to take its toll as Julio’s boxing skills started to slightly erode.

Julio’s punching output decline as Angulo took control of the fight.

His punching power opened a cut over Julio’s right eye and he simply started to walk through his opponent punches. In the 11th round, Angulo continued his pressure as he snapped off sharp combinations and after the first minute, an Angulo right forced Julio to the rope.

30 seconds later, the fight ended dramatically.

Julio retreated back to the rope as he attempted to throw a right hand to catch Angulo coming in was beaten to the punch by a straighter and more accurate Angulo’s right.

Julio went down and even though he managed to get up, his wobbly leg convinced the referee that he should not continued. He did not argue for after taking Angulo’s best shots for the previous 10 rounds, he had nothing left.

In the main event, former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Tomasz Adamek challenged Chris Arreola as he is hoping to join his fellow Cruiserweight David Haye as a heavyweight champion.

In the first round, Adamek threw the more accurate punches as Arreola seemed content to allow him to punch first and not aggressively attack his smaller opponent.

Over the first three round, Adamek out boxed his bigger opponent as Arreola had trouble pulling trigger and it didn’t help that Adamek not only out punched but he avoided many of Arreola’s power punches.

In the opening minutes of the fourth round, Arreola attacked Adamek and hurt his opponent or it appeared.

Adamek retreated over the second half of the round as Arreola imposed his strength.

With 1:00 left, Adamek connected on a combination that concluded with a solid right but as the rounded ended, Arreola moved forward as Adamek withdrew out of harm’s way.

Starting in the fifth round, Arreola left eye started to swell.

After being outboxed for the first two minutes, a Arreola left hook sent Adamek reeling and Arreola’s power showed itself as every major punch that connected forced Adamek to withdraw and a solid right with 20 seconds allowed Arreola to take the round.

As the seventh round began the second half of the fight, Arreola size became a factor as Adamek winced when hit with a solid shots and his only chance for victory was the swelling of Arreola’s left eye.

In the eighth round, Adamek out worked and out boxed Arreola as he failed to connect with any big shots and Adamek shifted momentum back in his favor.

After losing the ninth round, Arreola came out punching in the tenth and landed a solid right that forced Adamek to retreat and appeared on his way to win but with little over a minute, Arreola winced as his right hand hit the top of Adamek’s head and Adamek took advantage and pushed the pace of the final minute, maybe even stealing the round.

Arreola sensed that he needed a knock out to win and he came out winging in the eleventh round.

His right connected and he chased Adamek around the ring but with a minute left, Arreola winced a second time due to his hand and Adamek counter attacked viciously.

Going into the last round, Arreola face was swollen with cuts over his left eye and his right hand hurting.

There was desperation in Arreola corner as the last round began.

Adamek began the round with sharp combinations and Arreola shouted at Adamek to stand and fight.

The veteran continued to move away from Arreola power while deliver pot shots at the bigger heavyweight.

Adamek threw more punches and was the busier as well as the more accurate but Arreola punches moved Adamek back when he connected.

Arreola’s face showed the effect of Adamek’s punches as Adamek came away with a majority decision in Arreola’s backyard.

Adamek showed discipline as he boxed and refuse to get into fire fights with the bigger Arreola.

He admitted after the fight that he lost and congratulated his opponent.

Arreola showed toughness as he fought through a sore right hand but he showed vulnerability to a discipline boxer.

As for Adamek, he wants a shot at a champion but the best shot at a heavyweight title will be former Cruiserweight champion, David Haye for he will not have the firepower to beat the Klitschko brothers.