Your Move, Mr. Mayweather

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 16, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — What is next for the “Pac Man”?

The next step is now dependent upon what happens on May 1 as Shane Mosley challenges Floyd Mayweather.

The fight did not happen on March 13th is now dependent upon what happens on Mayday as Mayweather must now defeat Mosley.

What we are witnessing is a championship tournament as Pacquaio won his semifinal bout against Joshua Clottey in overwhelming style.

After the negotiations broke down for the super bout, boxing in its own Byzantine fashion may be setting up the biggest gate ever. The winner of the Mosley-Mayweather will produced a winner that will lead to a big money PPV.

Regardless of who wins the bout, the winner will find himself in a position to challenge Pacquaio for big bucks. While a Mosley-Pacquaio may not be as big money fight as Mayweather-Pacquaio, it will still big a money fight since Mosley is a big name fighter in his own right and defeating Mayweather only enhances his Hall of Fame reputation.

A Mosley fight may even be easier to make since Mosley have already been tied to BALCO and steroids (even though, he never actually been caught with steroids, the suspicious have always been there with Mosley.)

Since the drug issue is an issue with both fighters, one has suspect that both fighters can come to a mutually agreeable drug test. As for Mayweather-Pacquaio, the only thing that keeps the fight from happening is the ego of the major parties.

Mayweather, Pacquaio, Arum or De La Hoya could allow their dislike for each other to derail this fight but somehow, the images of the oodles of money to be made should keep ego in check.

Money has a way of making even most severe of enemies become best friend when hundred of millions of dollars are at stake.

There will always be time to allow old hatred to come back after the fight but there is too much money to be made.

Mayweather will be the favorite against the 38-year-old Mosley, but he still has the hand speed to give Floyd problems and as he showed against Antonio Margartio, he still has the skills to be the best.

Mayweather’s advantage has always been his defensive skills and hand speed and those skills allowed him to control the pace of fights.

Against Mosley, he will be facing one of the smartest fighters in the ring and Mosley knows how to penetrate Mayweather’s defenses.

The only questions if the skills are there to follow the Mosley’s game plan.

Mayweather has picked a challenging obstacle to his biggest pay day and the fight was made as part of negotiating ploy to show that he doesn’t need Pacquaio as much as the Pacquaio needed Mayweather.

There is one minor problem, namely, Mosley can actually beat Mayweather and end his undefeated streak while ending Floyd’s participation in the biggest money fight.

Mayweather has one thing to fight for, his legacy as the best pound for pound.

Mayweather really wants to beat Pacquaio to show the world that he is the best pound for pound fighter.

As for Mosley, he has wanted to face Mayweather for a long time and felt that Mayweather has avoided him; so he has his own goal of erasing the zero off Mayweather’s record.

Mosley-Mayweather has its own story line with two fighters fighting for their own legacies and for a shot at one of the biggest, if not biggest, PPV fight ever.

Legacy and money; these goals are worth fighting for.

On May 2, the scene will be set for setting up the biggest fight in this young century.