Young Prospects grow up

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 1, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — In a night of prospects, young pugilists Mike Jones and Gabriel Rosado fought experienced opponents this past Saturday night in Atlantic City.

For Rosado, he faced Saul Rohan, a veteran of 38 fights.

Rohan had more professional fights than Rosado had in either professional and amateur ranks combined. This experienced showed in the first round as the young fighter had swollen left eye from Rohan’s pressure.

In the second round, Rohan continued his pressure as he forced his younger opponent to retreat and on one occasion, Rosado even switch to southpaw to confuse Rohan.

His pressure forced Rosado to fight and both fighters exchanged blows in toe to toe action with Rohan getting most of the benefit even though Rosado did nail him with a three-punch combination with a minute left.

Rosado got on his bicycle and used his movement to get into better position to nail Rohan with solid rights and had his best round of the fight in the fourth round, maybe even winning the round.

Rohan appeared to be confused against Rosado movement but in the fifth round, his jab did manage to connect and he did manage to hit Rosado with solid rights.

In the sixth round, an accidental head butt open blood over Rohan’s face and Rosado took advantage of the blood letting with solid shots on the inside.

He threw a upper cut that caught Rohan, but Rosado received a cut over his left eye from a Rohan right.

Rosado threw the more effective punches in the seventh round as he connected two solid rights near the end of the round that sent Rohan reeling.

In the first minute of the eighth round, Rohan came out strong with a solid right followed by a stiff jab.

Rosado’s counter with solids counter rights of his own in a round that could have gone either way.

Rosado’s effective counters competed with Rohan forward movement so many of the rounds became hard to judge as both fighters had their moments.

The ninth round followed the eighth round as Rohan started out strong but as the round progressed, Rosado solid boxing skills beat Rohan to the punch over the last minute.

The 10th round followed the pattern of the previous three rounds as both fighters had their moment and it became hard to judge the round.

Rosado ended the fight with both eyes swollen and cut over his left eye whereas Rohan looked the better of the two fighters.

The last four rounds were close and could have been scored either way.

The fight was a split decision with Rosado capturing two of the three judges 96-94 where as Rohan won one card 97-93.

This was a close fight that could have been scored either way but Rosado won the fight with some solid boxing and the ability to adjust to Rohan’s early advantages including Rohan effective jabs that set up combinations. Rosado’s movement starting in the third round proved decisive as Rohan failed to cut off the ring effectively.


The veteran Bruseles came into this bout with a seven fight win streak and wanted undefeated prospect Jones as part of his winning resume.

The first round was a feeling out process, but Bruseles did manage a effective combination that may have captured him the round.

His activity allowed him to win the second round as he threw more effective combinations and even managed to out jab the taller Jones. He started to pick up the pace in the third round as he jabbed more effectively and even managed to connect on solid rights as he started to connect on more punches against Bruseles.

In the fifth round, Jones even managed a fierce left hook to the body and punctuated the round with a solid right that sent Bruseles sweat flying.

By the sixth round, Jones’ jab control the fight and his right hand hit its mark against Bruseles as his output slowed down.

At the end of the seventh round, Jones picked up the pace as he nailed his Puerto Rican opponent with solid shots as he started to allow his hands to let go.

Bruseles started to back up at the beginning of the eighth round as Jones nailed him with combination that began with his jab and ended with right to the head and body. Jones’ hand speed took precedence.

With 45 seconds left in the round, Jones nailed Bruseles with a four punch combination that began a 45-second rally as Jones preceded to control rest of the round.

Jones won the fight with scores of 98-92, 98-92, 97-92 and stayed undefeated.

He put together effective combinations, but there was time that Jones seemed satisfied with boxing effectively but not taking his skills to the next levels.

Mike Jones has the physical tools to be an elite Welterweight and the body to move up boxing ladder and move up in weight.

Rosado is a rough diamond that still needs developing but what he did show was heart as he took on a more experienced opponent and finding a way to win.