“The Street Stops Here”

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: March 28, 2010

Seattle, WA The Street Stops Here” is one of the most necessary basketball documentaries that is a must see by athletes, coaches and anyone with appreciation for the game of basketball.

It documents Bob Hurley Sr., one of the most successful basketball coaches at any level.

Coach Hurley has used the game of basketball to teach his players at St. Anthony High School how to be successful on and off the court.

St. Anthony High School doesn’t have a weight room or school gym, the rent time at a local recreation center where practice is held.

Along with that it seems as if St. Anthony High School is continuously faced with the economic challenges of keeping the school functioning.

In spite of all that the only thing that St. Anthony High School does is overcome every obstacle and in the process, rack up a few wins.

The school has won 25 State Parochial Championships, 3 USA Today National Championships and 10 Tournament of Championship Titles all under the leadership of Coach Hurley and the list continues to grow.

After viewing the movie I just had one question for Coach Hurley, why are you still here?

It’s not like the NBA and NCAA associates haven’t been knocking down his doors that past 30 years.

I’m sure it’s not the $6,500 salary that he gets as the Head Coach of St. Anthony High School.

“Every time that I think I’m ready to head out of the door, here comes some wide eyed freshman that hangs on to my every word and wants to be coached.

It’s beautiful to see and develop young talent and watch how far they can go in life,” stated Coach Hurley.

150 of Coach Hurley’s players have received college scholarships, 6 division 1 scholarships were given to members from his 2007 – 2008 team.

What I find to be the most impressive is the fact that in the 36 years that Coach Hurley has been at St. Anthony’s High School only two players didn’t attend college after graduation.

Coach Bob Hurley has no elusions about where he’s needed and doesn’t have the need to go to another level.

“These kids need me, St Anthony needs me and everyday I have the opportunity to stay close to the game that I love so much,” said Hurley.

“The Street Stops Here” is an instant classic that will air on PBS on Wednesday, March 31 at 10 p.m. ET (check local listings)