The Carolina Catfights

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 23, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — Despite UNC’s buzzer beating victory over Mississippi State Saturday in the second round of the NIT, disgruntled Carolina fans are still complaining after not making the NCAA Tournament for the first time since the 2001-02 season which was coached by alumnus Matt Doherty.

Why are these devoted Carolina fans griping, you ask?

They are whining because they think their ACC arch-rivals the Duke Blue Devils, who defeated the California Golden Bears 68-53 Sunday in the second-round of the South Region of the NCAA Tournament have had the easiest road to the Final Four than any other team.

Yes. It’s a “good ole” country Cornbread Carolina Conspiracy theory.

Oddly, the Carolina cronies feel like 9/11 that the devil is in the details.

Because even though the Devils were rated No. 2 in most college basketball polls, some Tar Heel tournament theorists suggest that the NCAA selection committee sent the Dukies SOUTH to Jacksonville, Florida so they could cruise past No. 64 rated Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

The Lions, who made the NCAA’s for the first time, had to win the play-in-game against Winthrop, which they won 61-44 in order to qualify.

After Duke crushed the Arkansas-Crème Buffs by 29 points in a 73-44 victory, Duke’s ran pass the California Golden Bears, which they also easily defeated 68-53. Up next for the Blue Devils, are the Purdue Boilermakers?

And this is making a few Carolina fans boiling hot like a pot of five minute Quaker Oats grits. This is really too easy, isn’t it?

But according to the Carolina Conspirators, the only team that could really have posed a threat to Duke’s domination was the Big East Villanova Wildcats, but after they were upset by Saint Mary’s in the second round on Saturday, Duke is definitely one step closer to making the BIG DANCE.

So now, the only teams remaining to stop Duke’s easy road to the Final Four are St.Mary’s, Baylor and Purdue. This of course was all by design according to the Duke-hating Tar Heel fans.

And no matter what some sport writers may suggest, those crying Carolina-blue lovers have come to the conclusion that if Duke gets to the Final Four that this year’s tournament is simply rigid like one of those games at the Dixie-County Fair.