Straight No Chaser: Turning Up The Heat

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: March 23, 2010
DENVER (BASN) — If it happens in the sports world . . . it happens in the real world.
The everyday Caucasian American Sports-fan, occasionally . . . “slips” as White folks say, and someone speaks their true, actual thoughts – call an Afro-American player “Nigger.”

A brother or two have been known to go into the stands after one . . . . Not to mention, on occasion, a White player, like Kerry Collins “slips” and tosses out the word “Nigger.”

However now, Tea-Baggers, members of that all White start-up Team Dick Arney laid the foundation for, the Tea Party, have deliberately introduced the word in the Health Care Debate as the vote drew near.

Reparations, welfare and income redistribution have all been the code-words for “Niggers”

Let’s go a step further, recall Bill Romananski, former pumped-up, inflated well-beyond the recommended pressure NFL Linebacker, who professed the White athlete required an assortment of Superman fluids and pills to compete in the NFL – spit in the face of San Francisco receiver J.J. Stokes a decade ago?

Well, now we’ve got inflamed well beyond the recommended temperature White folks . . . spitting at Black Congressman.
And we’ve always know the sports-world is homophobic . . . . Once again, we see the locker room and the stadium stands are full of Americans . . . who are homophobic. Here we are days out from a vote and Barney Frank was showed by Tea-Baggers screaming “faggot” at him.
We’re a nation . . .standing on the edge of another civil war. According to the makeup of these backlash Redneck rallies it will be . . .

everybody, the entire nation pitted against against about 75% of White men, and their mindless and spineless possessions – women, as well as a few wagon trains full of numb-skulled Negroes like Michael Steel, Ward Connely, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell and ole Uncle C. Thomas.

Ponder this one; almost 60 million Americans voted for the Sarah Palin/John McCain, 60 million damn near mad with paranoia, fear and hatred White folks . . . who see, Obama as the beginning of the end of the good ol’ USA, of yesteryear, 1962 – when, to be both sharp n’ blunt – White men had a stranglehold on all meaningful aspects of life in America.
That’s where we are starting from Ladies n’ Gentlemen; that’s the Utopian environment these folks long for – apartheid. Now, I just don’t believe, with all my heart, this nation can return to any version of the Mayberry RFD era.

Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, American Indians and most women – all the elements in the melting pot which had to kow-tow, kiss-ass and suck up to White America . . . ain’t nobody, and I mean nobody playing that shit again.
I don’t give a fat rat’s ass – Dick Cheney, how much Republicans long for Driving Ms. Daisy to become a reality, nor how desperately Tom Tancredo and the rank n’ file rednecks want to nail-up the No Mexicans – No Dogs Signs, construct internment camps for anyone who op posses a Tea Party lead nation . . . .

No long haired hippies, everybody walking around with crew cuts and Davey Crockett “coon-skin hats” those “good ole days” can’t come back about . . . without a revolution.
Key words there are coon and revolution.
Let me break-it down and put it in your pocket like this; I grew up in the land of Fruits n’ Nuts, La-La land, and as a teenager I moved to Colorado, deep suburbia, only caramel drop of the bunch.

I know the words to 70’s Rock n’ Pop songs I can’t confess-to in a Black barbershop . . . they’ll pull my Black man card, decoder penis-ring and all, really. Go put on Tom Petty and the Heartbreaks, “Breakdown” . . . yes, I know all the words to it. Sweet Home Alabama, Bennie and the Jets . . . .
I’ve, never in all the time I’ve spent with white folks; ate, slept, hiked, vacationed, fought side by side with . . . I’ve never believed more then . . . say 25% to maybe 30% were actually comfortable with Blacks.

Rich kids from Aspen and Vail, poor kids from Commerce City, Military kids, Yuppies even and poor white trash, I’ve come in actual physical contact with.

Now, with Latinos most Whites were a little more accepting-of, but now, that Latinos are no longer merely tokens in the room . . . White attitudes are changing towards them. Asians are begrudging respected, Indians overlooked and dismissed, Arabs, just different dressed Sand Niggers.
Yeah, If I were on the Bill Maher Show, I could say, with conviction – most, more then half, more the 60% of the WASP population would shed not a tear if Oprah and the gang of Black aristocrats purchased a couple of Caribbean islands or a small country in Africa and 38 million Black folks packed up and got the hell out of here.

Clear Channel, FOX, or ESPN won’t allow me to tell the truth. It is what it is. My spider senses tell me, from Boston to Austin . . . they’d be dancing in the streets.
Going back to the founding Fathers, European-American settlers, who came to the states from throughout Europe, all seemed to understand and accept, and enforce, either with might or silence-saying nor doing not a damn thing when Black folks were denied a room in hotel on a snowy night or refused care for a child at a hospital . . .

That’s the mentality which permitted American Apartheid then, and what is now apart of the foundation of White Backlash movements like the Tea Party.
Events over the last decade or so have solidified the belief White America cannot move beyond race, from OJ and Rodney King to the over-the-top treatment imperfect Black athletes endure in the court of public o-pine.

Combine these harsh truths with the hate the Obama Presidency has uncovered – racism, White anger towards people of color – has note softened. And the same applies for the “Nigger-lovers” – liberal and progressive minded Whites, the hate has never gone away for them also.

No, instead the extreme dislike has festered and lingered under the Confederate Flag rug in Bubbas den . . . where no darkie has ever stepped foot.
Hey, that’s where this cold war is, at the point of combustion. I’ve never feared more for the President, feared more for his wife and little girls lives . . . as I do now.
Because most of us are ignorant of U.S. History . . .

We don’t totally grasp what the Angry White segment of the US population are capable of trying to do to 15% of the population. . . . nor what passive White folks will let them get away with.

And least the Tea-Baggers ought not forget this fact . . . Black folks are armed too.You’ll have to bring ass to get ass.

It’s no longer 1965 . . . Black folks aren’t searching for guns and ammo, we’re locked n’ cocked like everybody else . . . and I believe our individual and collective mind-set will be, never again we will return to 1953.

Our creed; Tea-baggers,