Straight No Chaser: No Respect

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: March 21, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Recall when Terrell Owens danced on the Dallas Cowboys sacred “Lone Star.” Well that’s what FOX News sent Bret Brier to the Black House to do; not merely dance on the presidential seal, but to interrupt, cut-off, speak over and through the President’s words.

Biers assigned mission; to show the President no respect, whatsoever, and at the end of the ambush . . . in a half-ass effort to cover his sorry ass, Brier interrupted the President to apologized for interrupting.

Ain’t that a bitch? Brier’s goal – to show a country over-populated with resentful rednecks “this nigger is just another nigger, he’s nobody. See how I can treat him . . . they haven’t taken over our country yet.”

The FOX News brain-trust calculated the best tactic was to show no respect, disrupt Obama’s every word, while in the process hoping to trip-up the professor and force him to trip n’ stumble, sound like George W. Bush, to befuddle his train of though/muddle his words.

That was precisely what I heard Rush Limbaugh saying in a day later in the fall-out; “For the first time Obama, the man-child (boy) sounded Rattled and confused.”

And what’s worse, this is the old fashion way of attacking a black man “Boy, you ain’t —-” I can talk to you any ol’ way I choose.”

The mentality, the audacity is what our parents preached to us in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – regardless of the handle White folks permit you to attain in their society.

At the end of the day, you’re just a nigger with a badge or title, and even I, Bret Brier, a lowly FOX News journalist, have the authority and misplaced arrogance to challenge you and talk down to you.”

Ain’t that a bitch?

For a Black man, my age, late 40’s – this is what our parents preached, to a generation that did not want to accept it, we were young, idealistic and gullible enough to actually believe White America was sorry for their barbaric behavior over the last few hundred years.

And they were going to do better, be better, stop beating n’ killin us like we were animals, the rampant over-the-top racism as well as the “separate and unequal” era was at a close, they’d come to their senses at last.

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Some Black folks were dumb enough, thank-the-stars – I was never one of you guys . . . confused enough to believe White America, as a whole, could, and would do something their forefathers had failed to do . . . judge a man by his content as opposed to his color.

I never thought the labels of accomplishment – like Occidental, Ivy League scholar, Senator . . . father, husband, President, man . . . meant a damn thing to the vast overwhelming majority of White Americans.

A nigger, is a nigger . . . is nigger.

S orry, I know that term bothers Black folks and liberals if your not listening to Lil’ somebody, Lil Jo-Jo and his hoe-hoes.

Hello! This is your 2:37AM wake-your-ass-up call. Ponder this -even Colin Powell has been officially declared “not worthy” of the Rights’ respect, so insulting, slighting and belittling Obama is not something out of character.

Not saying these two are perfect, but my lord, if a former four-star general and Republican Secretary of State can be officially exiled from the GOP, by a talk show host, branded a traitor, and if President Obama, with his credentials, accomplishments and titles can be “talked down to” like Brier attempted to do, then virtually no Black American can feel safe.

What’s next? Out-of-the-blue, some White dude can walk up to me and demand I “get up out of your seat boy! Now!, like in the good ole days. The disrespect is unfounded and makes no real sense . . . but how could I expect hate to make sense, add-up and be logical? And the Blind hate we hear coming from Rush n’ the Rednecks, Beck and the Good Ole Boys is that hate derived from innate arrogance, insecurities run-amok.

I use to wonder who were the White men who could stand in those Black n’ White photos from 1948 all grins, proud and happy as a lynched, castrated and burned Black person hung in the background.

I don’t wonder any longer.

U.S. society refuses to acknowledge the impact the demise of the White Alpha Male in sports – has had across society, in relation to the White male ego.

Terrell Owens, his sculptured body desired by White women, still elicits rage and hostility in the minds of White guys. Black Mandingo Bucks, dominating the “golden boy ” positions throughout sports, and now throughout society – is something, if I’m not wrong.

White guys worked diligently to avoid ever happening. And now, their failure to stop integration and diversity has left them with what they deem a nightmare . . . and the rest of the world see’s as “progress.”

U.S. History 150, going back to “it was a hanging offense to teach a slave to read,” because if you did . . . nothing good could come from it – and that’s whats happened over the last few decades, W.E.B. DuBois has expanded – a growing segment of Black America has become . . . enlightened – and that’s a no-no.

Obama, like Powell, Like Dr. West and scores of other Black folks have questioned and defied White folks gutter-low expectations for them, redefined their personal mission . . . to boldly go where no Black man was permitted to go . . . wherever the hell we wanted to go. Do anything, be anything they desire, and that Black yearning . . . scares the hell out of White folks.

But this rejection of Obama is but an example of the White man’s blatant hate forbids him from even giving credit . . . when credit is hard earned and overdue. Let’s not try to put a bow on this package; White males haven’t changed much over the last half-a-century.

Please note, the rotten apple didn’t fall too-very far from the rotting, dying tree. FOX News provides a willing platform for pissed-off White folks to attack people-of-color on a 24/7 bases, hell 365/52, 10/1, 1/10 . . . . a century. You’ve got to ask yourself;are any NFL/NBA/MLB athletes paying any attention to the headlines, reading between n’ thru the lines? Now if so -at what point do these guys wake up to the fact they’re enriching angry white men by performing on their, and I employ this term with reservations, “network”?

When in-fact FOX News is a propaganda machine, but one step removed from the Klan. All Glenn Beck and the boys need are the sheets and burning crosses, a few horses and maybe some torches.

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I would expect TO to defame a teams logo . . . he’s just that kind of guy. His relationship with McNabb showed me he lacked class.

And likewise, I expected Fox News to attempt to defame and insult this nation’s first Afro-American President . . . they are that kind of classless organization . . . and the bastards didn’t let me down.

The lack of respect FOX News showed this nation’s first Afro-American President will resonate like a swift kick to the crotch, no different then after the snubbing George W. gave The Big Easy in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

His disregard for Black life was obvious, so much so – Black folks had to face reality, the man didn’t like Black people.

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Well hell, let us, as a people, face another reality . . . FOX News speaks for the vast over-whelming majority of White America . . . and they don’t respect nor like Black people. Can you say “tolerate . . . .”

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Just as Emmitt Smith would not tolerate such a display of contempt for the Cowboys logo, Black folks should not sit quietly by and let FOX get away with this. If nothing else, we should stop fattening the pockets of these unquestionable racist, sexist and elitist SOBs.