Straight No Chaser: Breakfast of Chumps

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: March 14, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — Lindsey Vonn, Shawn White and Seth Wescott – all logical choices for the cover of a box of Wheaties. I too would’ve also chosen these medalists.

I’ve no qualms nor complaints about the chosen ones, but I’m a little mystified as to why not one of the Afro-America medal winners were not to selected, considering their Nordic feats are of the unprecedented, never before seen historical variety.

Ken Powell, CEO and chairmen of General Mills, the producer of Wheaties, isn’t recognizing the key word here – profit. To a business man like Powell, the bottom line is profit . . . which I would calculate could be achieved via inclusion and diversity, identifying anybody.

But White medalists are, sadly oddities, rarities, nuances in a number of forms and fashions, and clearly worthy of promoting and exposing to consumers of all colors who appreciated the Olympics, but particularly Black Americans, both adolescents and parents – who were tuned into the Winter Olympics.

Black folks buy Wheaties too.

Of course, over time, I’m sure they’ll place one of these Chocolate Olympians on the Box-front . . . . It’s just that, considering Black children are desperate for examples of avenues up-and-out of urban and rural reservations they were born into.

And I don’t just mean physically, but also mentally and socially trapped in a L7 landing zone – time would appear to be of the essence here? We don’t have any time to waste.


Here, permit me to play Dick fluppen Tracy . . . . That’s not a concern of Ken Powell, nor that of any of the General Mills decision makers.

And taking it to the next logical point; nor do the Wall Street shareholders weigh and measure what’s best for any segment of our society . . . but themselves, including those Investor Class Americans who also are indifferent to the financial raping of Fred n’ Wilma by the health industry, the oil companies, you name the industry.

Stamp it unbridled capitalism, greed, pure greed. So with the understanding I don’t know what weight, if any – being “aware” of the historical aspect of what these Afro-American athletes are accomplishing holds in the eyes of corporate America.

Or at the most – their being “sensitive” to the need to show Blacks excelling at endeavors beyond tradition sports . . . I can’t say that sentiment exist in boardrooms.

Of course, silly-ass me . . . I guess I must at least mention – there might be an effort afoot to downplay the accomplishments of Blacks excelling at Ice skating and bobsledding.

These are sports, perhaps not exclusively country club activities, but they have been insulated, if not protected from the nasty words like diversity and inclusion for a number of reasons, economic, cultural, etc.

But I suspect just as their were folks at a Philadelphia swimming pool in 2008 who pulled their kids out of the water, protested to the owners and ask the niggers not come back. . . whose to say.

These White folks . . . in the City of Brotherly Love, couldn’t possibly think of these kids as Afro-Americans, so please, lets be honest if nothing else.

Whose to say . .

. in a nation where sexist, racist and very elitist punks like Rush and Glenn Beck are so-very popular amongst one segment of the US population?

Many would suggest Blacks advancement into winter Nordic viking games scares the Hell out of White America; Oh no, not another sport we have to take a back seat in, sooner or later abandon and move-on to extreme snow ball fighting or snowman making . . . .

Hey, ESPN and FOX Sports would call both sports. You got to find Great White Hopes where-ever you can these days.

There well could be some White kid with a gold medal around his neck after winning a medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics for Snow-Ball Tossing.

It might not be to far-fetched to assume why we don’t see any Black Olympians on a Wheaties box, it’s not a priority, not that important, while to me, it would seem the Black Winter Olympian has come from out of no-where to be recognized with medals, and in the bigger picture it would benefit this nation to highlight and showcase kids who achieve . . . against all odds. In closing, Vonn’s sponsor Red Bull announced that her image would appear on limited-edition six-packs of the energy drink. What Black folks don’t drink liquid cocaine?