Straight No Chaser: Boys Will Be Boys

By Desi Cortez, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 11, 2010

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DENVER (BASN) — I don’t have the interest, knowledge nor expertise to critique NASCAR’s handling of the Carl Edwards-Brad Keselowski feud.

But I can tell you what’s going on in the bigger picture; Car racing is a sports venue not yet dominated by Blacks.

It’s still pristine and clean enough to project itself as American as a Georgia Peach pie, a sport . . . if you will, that is producing All-America heroes that you can hold up, place high upon a mantel and tout as the real, authentic, genuine article.

In other, less politically correct verbiage – vastly all race car drivers are White. Here, let’s put the pedal . . . to-the-metal; one of the roles of NASCAR, what it’s honestly in the business of manufacturing . . .

Great White Hopes for starving White American consumers.

Extreme Sports, the Olympics, especially the Winter Games are where corporations get their human lures from.

Wall Street well grasp the simplicity of pushing products to the dumb ass masses – it’s all about wrapping, packaging and presentation.

You may not dig this . . . but I submit Michael Phelps as my prime example; Aqua Boy was cold busted making mad luv to Mary Jane, i.e., bong in mouth, nevertheless, seriously, nevertheless – he’s backstroking through a Superbowl commercial wearing a Subway man-thong and my sister’s shower cap.

And ain’t not a damn thing been said by the established press.

Why was Matt Ryan, Atlanta’s great white savior on my TV all thru the season, Atlanta wasn’t in the hunt come October, and he wasn’t lighting up the scoreboard?

John “the Hammer” Lynch played for the Broncos but a handful of years, at the tail end of his career, when he couldn’t cover my mother coming out of the flats.

His “career” here in Denver is long over, nevertheless . . . he’s still on the radio airwaves pushing everything from mortgages to mortuaries . .

. .

While Black athletes, still playing for Denver franchises, bringing fame n’ glory to the Mile Hi City . . . and these cats aren’t approached to sell kitty litter even.

No power, influence or clout in the, for all intense purposes . . . Snow White mountain market place. Phelps, Ryan, Peyton and Favre are examples of the rare, unique commodity for the U.S.

marketplace — a gifted Caucasian sportsman.

I don’t care what your product or service is, if you’re a Euro-American business owner, or at least have some sway in how your company advertises – you well understand how attractive a guy like Matt Ryan is – you could sell Afro-Sheen to White folks if you’ve got one of these guys promoting it.

You don’t see them today, as you did a quarter century ago. Once legit competition was permitted . . . Hey, look at the Bird/Magic era; Bird saved the NBA, he gave race sensitive White guys someone they could, and this is tricky . . . relate to?

If not in truth root for. Ponder that. Relating and rooting for have vastly different meanings. Both these drivers are pawns in a larger game.

Make that Hot Wheels, on a big yellow rubber track, that for some kids doubled as a weapon their mother’s used against them, the game, the race – for the hearts n’ minds of this nation.

Forgive me, I well understand that’s a theme of mine, but its a theme song I hear in most American tunes. Color, class and gender, and to a lesser exstent, religion, these characteristics matter dramatically to White America.

White Guys want to stand in that top spot once more, they desire what was once reserved (manipulated, fudged, tampered-with and rigged) so only Speed Racer, A.J. Foyt, Bart Starr, Otto Graham, Bob Cousy, Mickey Mantle, Elvis, even Nixon – NASCAR is a avenue to celebrity-hood.

A processing plant where hopefully in the eyes of Pat Buchanan and the boys . . . a Great White Hope is forged out of White Granite, one who can crossover, run for mayor, Governor Senator . . .

President, and hopefully take back not just the country, but the hearts, minds and souls of the people.

So yeah . . .

when NASCAR president Mike Helton descended from the mountain top, with a single tablet that stated “probation,” for the next three Sprint Cup races . . . that was enough.

NASCAR both needs the controversy, because they need the attention, as well as they don’t want to punish some potential great, you never know, one of these racers may be the next Great White Hope who can propel ratings, increase the sells of NASCAR products, and of course – why set a precedent, you may have to later sit-down a super star driver . . .

and we can’t have that.

And, at some deeper level, these two immature fools, like hockey players . . . were just funnin’ they didn’t mean nobody no harm . . . it’s not like they’re violent guys . . .

there not basketball or football players . . . i.e., gangster and thugs.

They’re just a couple of boys who got carried away, no need to punish them. The attitude and sentiment is so polar-opposite to the “throw the book at them” mentality displayed by both the press and fans when a Black gladiator get’s in an verbal argument at a bar or a shoving match . . . “throw his Black ass out of the league.”

Or, ” What else do expect from those people, they just can’t maintain their emotions . . . . ” What can you say but . . . different strokes for White folks.

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