Straight No Chaser: All Hail Jordan??

By Desi Cortez, BASN Columnist
Updated: March 18, 2010

DENVER (BASN) — A hallow victory. Maybe, “What’s it matter.” Or, “And . .

. ?”

Forgive me, I can’t seem to decide which phrase is most, let’s say . . . appropriate in regards to his air- ness , Michael Jordan, And his purchasing of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Jordan has worked over-time to distance himself from the plight of Afro-Americans over the years, he harbors no interest in taking up the fight of working class Americans – he’s been comfortable and silent about protest over Nike having sweat shops manned by irreverent elfs, working 23 hour shifts, no bennies . . . .

And I don’t recall Jordan, like Tiger, stepping-up during the Obama run for the White House. Oh sure, they showed-up here, or maybe there, once or twice . . . but it wasn‘t no big deal.

Neither lent their massive glitter n’ gleam to a truly monumental moment in Black American, American, global history.

No commercials, no high-profile appearances on TV, no shots of the two together, no Jordan on late night TV endorsing Obama . . . .

Impartial Negroes, both Jordan and Tiger . . . going in-cog-negro their entire adults lives.

So I just don’t know if I honestly give-a-damn Jordan has a NBA team to play with, to ponder its course while
on the golf course, hangin ‘ with Barkley, Tiger and Wilbon ?

Don’t get it twisted inside-out, Obama isn ‘t my personal litmus test for Black brother-hood, honestly, my vote would have went to someone else, but Obama had a much broader appeal.

He was everything to everyone – who, like myself, were in-search-of an adult to govern over this land and its people – as opposed to the last two man-cubs, spoiled bratty boys who would be kings.

Jordan has been indifferent, if-not disinterested in the issues discussed around the Big Table – he’s demonstrated he’ s more than content to stand out in the backyard with the youngsters and discuss cars, women, music and sports.

That’s all right, I was just out on the patio with the fellas, doing the same thing, but at some point, as a grown-ass man, the most recognizable man on the flippin ‘ planet – you need to step your black-ass back-inside, lend your considerable fame and name to a game which counts.

Participate in the discussion Dr. Cornell West is apart of. Screw what Jarrett Bell or Jason Whitlock have to say about Kobe . . .

Sure, Clarence Thomas is a Black Supreme Courts Justice . . . however, he shares none of the political, social nor economical turf most Black folks stand upon.

He doesn ‘t see the nation or the world . . . as most informed and enlightened men and women of-color do – that’s why conservative, angry at the world, rightfully paranoid rednecks put him on the court . . .

And, at 2:33 AM . . . in the morning, he wakes up in a cold sweat, because his soul is tormenting him; he well understands men like Rush and Pat Buchanan . . . used, pimped and exploited his dumb Black ass for their gain.

I wonder if cats like Jordan ever have that moment, where there take a long, hard gander at their own lives, the decisions they’ ve made, and why they made them.

Is it rather easy to rationalize away “why” you did what ever you did . . . for personal profit – at the expense of others?

If you, as a Superstar, won’t go out on a limb, no let’s go with “branch,” for the good of all . . . ? Jeez, Obama was a no brain-er for most, because his time, our time had come . . . but these high-falutin’ Negros couldn’t see that . . .

Then tell me – why should I go out, on even a palatial porch for your ass? In order to give you your kudos and accolades? And for what – spending . . . ill gotten booty?

Temptations sing!

Don’t change your style now that you’ ve reached the top.

Don’t choose your friends by what they’ ve got.

Remember beneath the glitter and gleam.

Like everyday people you’re just a human being.

(Superstar) Good God.

Enjoy your champagne (and caviar.) And your chauffeur drivin ‘ (fancy car.) But remember how you got (where you are.) Oh-ho-ho, ’cause the same folks that made you, you better believe they can break you.

Just a human being . . . like all the rest of us Mike, no different then anybody else, except you’re a highly gifted physical athlete whose skills and talents have afforded you a vast financial empire to hopefully maintain and grow.

Which, in my humble little mind translates into; “to whom much is given . . .

much is owed.” Non-profit charity write-off golf tourneys . . .

Well, that’s one thing, but I should have seen Jordan and Tiger doing some heavy-lifting for Obama, like Oprah did, but no, these low-flying creepers kept it low-key, played it cool, neither wanted to embrace Obama because of fear of offending Conservative Americans (angry White folks) who would register their extreme displeasure in their “model Negroes” by not buying a pair of underwear or a Buick SUV.

So if Lord Jordan has no interest in labor laws, politics, economics and such, then it can only be concluded – he’s not going to do anything progressive or righteous as Mr. Bobcat, only what, when it’s all said n’ done . . . benefits Mike.

That’s how he’s been able to amass a fortune, by making no stands, taking no positions on anything relevant which might outrage his customer base.

O.K. Mike, you got it, the benefit of the doubt, ball’s in your court, your stadium, your team. What are you going to do with your clout, influence .

. . power to benefit more then just your personal strategic interest?

Normal 0 // When will Jordan want for his brother . . . what he wants for himself? Perhaps MJ’s new squad shouldn’t brandish apparel made with slave labor?

That’s a good starting point, no Mr. Air? Anyway, we shall see, until then; Congratulations your air- ness, you da ‘ man . . .

I guess. Here, you da ‘ full-grown teenager – with a room full of toys to play with.