Saturday Night Boxing Review

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 7, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — On Saturday night, Fernando Angulo took his fight against Lenny Zappavigna with just 12 days notice and as he noted himself, he was only 85% ready.

In the first round, Angulo’s boxing styles allowed him to win the round as he avoided many of the undefeated Zappavigna haymakers, but in the second round, he finally connected a stiff left hook that briefly stunned Angulo.

It showed the Ecuadorian that Zappavigna’s power was not to be fooled with.

The third round saw Angulo going toe to toe in a fierce fire fight with his younger opponent but Angulo felt worse as he got nailed with a short left hook from Zappavigna.

Angulo retreated and went back to boxing as he felt Zappavigna’s power.

The young Zappavigna showed an excellent left hook but like many young sluggers, he forgot to jab his way in.

Angulo slowed down volume in the fourth round as he held the aggressive Zappavigna and just like in the third round, he got the better of Angulo over the last minute.

As the fourth round ended, the fight started to resemble trench warfare as both fighters lapse into brutal inside action.

In the fifth round, Angulo started to change the momentum as he started the exchanges and Zappavigna suffered a cut over the right eye.

In between rounds, Angulo’s corner told their charge that he couldn’t win by decision but as the seventh round began, Angulo slowed down his opponent as he started take control over Zappavigna.

Angulo’s right started to land with regularity.

At the 2:00 mark of the eighth round, Angulo went toe to toe with Zappavigna and finally got the better in close quarter exchanges.

Blood started to spurt in a cut over Zappavigna eyes that may have been worsened by a head butt and Angulo targeted the cut in an effort to end the fight early.

The original cut was caused by a punch but as the eighth round ended, Zappavigna eye was covered in blood.

In the ninth round, Angulo lost a point for punching on a break but he kept the pressure on his younger foe. In a fight that each round was close, Angulo appeared to have the edge but Zappavigna nailed his opponent with occasional left hooks and in the eleventh, he nailed Angulo with three solid hooks to the body right in the row over the last minute of the round.

In the final minute of the last round, both fighters threw wild combinations as they attempted to stop each other.

Angulo began boxing in the early rounds, but Zappavigna turned the fight into a brawl but there were many times that Angulo got the better of him.

While Angulo thought he won the fight, Zappavigna was rewarded with the decision by scores of 114-113, 116-111,116-111. This was a tough fight to judge but Angulo appeared to get the better in the middle rounds but the judges gave the close rounds to Zappavigna.

He may have won the fight but he showed that he is a raw prospect with much to learn. As for Angulo, he should have won a decision but in a close fight with many close rounds; the judges gave the fight to the favorite.


Vic Darchinyan sometimes can be a solid boxer, threw a jab followed by his fierce straight right but more often, he fights like a Tasmanian devil, throwing his straight right from all angles while forgoing the jab.

Against the youthful Rodrigo Guerrero, Darchinyan wanted to impose his will on the Mexican fighter and there were times in the first two rounds that he showed the faster hands and the straighter punches.

In the third round, Guerrero switched to southpaw in an effort to score but this did little to confuse the veteran Darchinyan or allow Guerrero to land punches.

Guerrero showed to have good chin as he withstood Darchinyan patented straight left.

In the fourth round, a Darchinyan left opened a cut over the right eye but there were head butts as well.

In the sixth round, Guerrero landed several rights to the body and continued to move forward as he ran into several Darchinyan left hands.

Guerrero landed a few solid shots as the bell rang to end the round.

The sixth was Guerrero’s best round but was it enough to win the round? In the seventh round, a Darchinyan punch sent Guerrero mouthpiece flying across the round and Guerrero threw wild combinations but these punches missed.

In the last minute, Darchinyan left found a home for his left once again as he beat Guerrero to the punch while crushing Guerrero to the face.

In the opening seconds of the eighth round, Darchinyan nailed Guerrero with a solid left and as Guerrero continued to charge forward, Darchinyan simply pounded Guerrero and Guerrero own attack proved ineffectual.

Going into the final round, Darchinyan had the fight in hand but he wanted a knock out against a tough but inexperienced opponent.

Guerrero continued to move forward but while he showed heart, he also showed that he lacked Darchinyan’s skills as he consistently ran into Darchinyan’s haymakers.

He spent the second half of the fight moving and boxing while countering with solid knock out punches that hurt Guerrero but could not knock him out. In the last 30 seconds, Darchinyan mounted a last ditch effort to ensure a knockout as three straight right hands literally spun Guerrero’s head 180 degrees.

But fights are not won by stopping punches with your head as Guerrero found out.

He had a moral victory in lasting all 12 rounds, he did little to show that he has the offensive fire power to be an elite super flyweights.

Devon Alexander fought Juan Urango as they sought to unify their portion of the junior Welterweight.

Alexander began the fight with quick jabs and using his jabs to throw his other punches.

Urango attempted to get physical against the quicker Alexander and when he unleashed one of his power punches, he missed his moving target. In the second round, Alexander managed to keep his distance as his jab occasionally landed and in the third round, he nailed Urango with a right hook.

As the third round ended, Urango’s left eye opened up as result of an Alexander’s right hook. In the fifth round, Urango started to pick up the pace as he started to feel rounds slip away but Alexander’s defensive skills neutralized Urango’s power.

In the sixth round, Alexander boxing skills dominated the first two minutes of the round but near the end of round, Urango showed the ability to connect against Alexander with his right hooks.

After the fifth and sixth round, Kevin Cunningham reminded his fighter to keep boxing and not lose his concentration against the power punching Urango. he threw his patented wide hooks and even connected on a couple of hard hooks but the best combination was a quick four-punch combination from Alexander that end with a nasty straight left.

In the eighth round, an Alexander uppercut sent Urango down as he attempted to throw his own punch Urango got back up and attacked once again but a short right hook to the temple followed up with a right upper cut sent him down for good as the referee stopped the fight.

Alexander stopped Urango with quick punches and showed to be a disciplined fighter as he stuck to his game plan.

In winning his 20th fight against a tough opponent.

Alexander showed himself to be a force to reckon with in the junior welterweight. As for Urango, he has lost to the best in the division and his days as a elite junior welterweight are slipping away.