Ramos wins, Hilario doesn’t

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 6, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — On Friday night, Cecilio Santos came into the fight with three knockout defeats in his last four fights as he faced undefeated prospect Rico Ramos.

Santos has been a title contender but now he evolved into becoming an opponent.

In the first round, Ramos quick hands was self evident as he hit the smaller Santos at will with a jab and right hand but his most effective punch was the left hook.

The second round saw Ramos staying just enough out of harm’s way from Santos while nailing his opponent from the outside.

Santos did not seem to have answer for the taller Ramos.

In the third round, Ramos moved inside and dominated the action even though with 30 seconds left in the round, Santos nailed Ramos with a solid right for his best shot of the night.

Ramos maintained his body attacks in the fourth round and he found a small target just below Santos elbow with a perfectly placed left hook.

Pain slowly moved through Santos’ body as the body shot produced a delay reaction.

Santos collapsed in slow motion and Ramos won this fight.


In another battle between an undefeated prospect and long term veteran, Wilton Hilario put his undefeated record on the line against veteran Martin Honorio.

Honorio was the taller fighter and the better boxer but as ESPN’s Ted Atlas noted, he occasionally moves to close to his opponent after a left jab.

Hilario’s strategy was to engaged in a search and destroy mission but his major weakness was his unwilliness to jab his way in.

This showed up in the first round as Honorio’s jab kept Hilario off balance.

Hilario best punch came at the end of the second round as he nailed Honorio with an uppercut but Honorio’s foot movement and jabs dominated the early rounds.

In the third round, Hilario paid for his advances as Honorio teed up against him as Hilario inched closer to his prey.

But his prey simply kept hitting Hilario all night and the hunter found himself the hunted.

At the end of the fourth round, Hilario nailed Honorio with some body shots for his best offensive display even though Honorio won most of the round.

In the sixth round, Honorio took advantage of Hilario walking in squared up as he nailed the younger fighter with flesh combination that sent Hilario down with a right hand followed by a left hook the key to the first knockdown.

He got back up only to hit the canvas again after being hit by a solid right.

Hilario survived by moving his head but at the beginning of the seventh round, Honorio jumped on Hilario to take advantage of his two knockdowns the previous round.

Throughout the seventh round, Honorio played matador to Hilario’s bull like rushes that often proved ineffectual. In the last 30 seconds of the seventh round, Honorio punches flew into Hilario’s face as he never seemed to miss.

In the early part of the ninth round, Honorio moved inside as he showed that he could beat Hilario at his game as he nailed Hilario with straight rights followed by left hooks to the body.

Honorio smashed a left hook after the first minute of the ninth round that sent sweat spraying from Hilario’s face.

The tenth and eleventh simply followed the pattern of the ninth as Honorio gave his younger opponent on how to attack the body.

In the opening minutes of the final round, Honorio unleashed a barrage of punches that forced Hilario to the rope but Hilario finished the fight on his feet. Honorio threw twice as many punches and connected on twice as many punches as he took an easy decision.

Over the last minute, Hilario threw wild right hands but they missed and judges rewarded Honorio for a brilliant boxing performance.

For Hilario, it was a learning experience as he tasted defeat for the first time.

Coming from the Midwest, Hilario took a serious step up and found that his raw go for broke style failed simply because he forgot to jab and fail to neutralize the superior boxer, Martin Honorio.