Not Quite Must See T.V.

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 19, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — According to Time Magazine, over 97 million people watched the first two days of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

I however was not one of them. I simply couldn’t watch it. I tried. But I couldn’t.

Honestly, I tried to watch Ryan St. Onge soar in the air more than 50 feet but I kept changing the channel right before his lift off.

Hell, I love playing in the snow as a child, I even build snowmen, made snow angels, and spelled my name in the snow. But the 2010 Winter Olympics, I couldn’t watch it.

Even when U.S. half pipe King Shaun White did a Double McTwist 12-60, I wasn’t impressed. And please don’t ask me what a Double McTwist 12-60 is?

I must admit, I am and was clueless……To be brutally honest, I didn’t even know any of these athletes performing these amazing death-defying stunts on skis and ice skates in order to win gold medals for their countries.

So, I tried to become familiar with their faces and tried to remember some of their names.

O.k. Let’s see there is Alexandar Bilodeau, Lindsey Vann, Hannah Kearney, Andrew Weibrecht, Eugeni Plushenko, Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno, Park Seung-hi, and Elena Khrustaleva.

But even after trying to learn all of these names, it didn’t help either, because I still found myself changing the channel.

I would rather watch an old episode of Good Times than watch the Winter Olympics.

Maybe, I should just learn about some of the events taking place during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

O.k. There is Bobsledding, Alphine Skiing, Curling (my favorite), Cross-Country Skiing, Figure-Skating, Snowboarding, and Hockey.

But even after learning about these events, it still didn’t help.

Because I kept turning back to Good Times. (Damn, Damn, Damn, James!!!!) Man, that James Evans was a good father. And Thelma, (Good God Almighty) wasn’t she one of the finest Black women on TV, ever?

Then all of sudden I saw a Black dude from Chicago named Shani Davis wearing some skin-tight spandex zip pass my television screen skiing like Mr.

Freeze from the animated movie the Incredible win a Gold medal in the 1000 meters Speed skating competition.

Now, that was awesome!!!

So, in 2014, I will be watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia with a black toboggan on!!

Matter of fact, I might buy me some ice-skates as well.

Way to go Shani Davis, I’m proud of you brother. Keep on skating!!!