Corner Kick: Beware Of The Shadow

By Wesley Chism Jr., BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 10, 2010

SEATTLE (BASN) — If you were walking down the street and passed Osvaldo Alonso, you probably wouldn’t give it much thought.

However, if you were on the soccer field and passed Osvaldo Alonso of the Seattle Sounders FC you should be concerned, very concerned. This 5-foot-11 Midfielder is a player that needs to be accounted for every moment that he’s on the field.

Soccer is very big in Osvaldo’s homeland of San Cristobal, Cuba and the game comes to him so easy because he learned how to walk and play soccer at the same. This would explain the unbelievable ball control that he has with either foot.

The Seattle Sounders FC have athletes from all over the world and you would think that there would be some communication barriers but the language of soccer is universal.

“The only challenge that we have is off the field, it can become complicated at times communicating but our record from last year shows that we do just fine on the field,” said Alonso.

Off the field one item that has proven to be an effective team building tool and helps break the ice has been XBOX. “Oh yeah, when we get together over each other homes it’s a blast. Some of the guys are really serious about it and it can become very competitive,” Osvaldo added.

Osvaldo spends most of his free time relaxing with his family and adjusting to life in America.

He’s really happy to be associated with the Seattle Sounders FC.

“I’ve got so many people here to support me and that want to see me be successful. I’m just happy and fortunate to be a part of this organization.”

During the off season Osvaldo spent a few weeks in Miami conditioning with a daily workout regiment that would make any Drill Sergeant blush. “I feel that it’s just as important to take care of yourself when the season is over so that you don’t spend the entire preseason trying to get back into shape,” stated Osvaldo.

This guy practices with the same intensity and energy that that he displays on game day and it’s exciting to watch. He can make precision passes, stop on a dime and shoots with such power from any side of the goal.

On Thursday night, the Sounders FC will host the Portland Timbers for their first preseason home game of the year then back on the road to face the Colorado Rapids for the final tune up.

The season opener will be against the Philadelphia Union at Qwest Field.