Are You Truly Crazy??

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 24, 2010
NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — It’s March Madness.

And I personally know some people who are going to end up in a psychiatric hospital after watching third-seeded Georgetown get blown out by the 14th-seeded Bearcats of Ohio University in the first round.
Or after 10th seeded Saint Mary’s defeated second-seeded Villanova Wildcats in the second round. But the rubber rooms on the fifth ward had to be filled to capacity especially after the No. 1 overall seed Kansas Jayhawks went down like the Titanic to the Panthers of Northern Iowa on Saturday.
But check this out. Recently, I was in the local barber shop discussing the NCAA Tournament when the debate got a “little heated” when an overzealous Carolina fan “pimped” in the barbershop with his Carolina blue Michael Jordan dress shirt on.

They were trying to defend the Tar Heels disappointing season and their 2-point NIT victory over Mississippi State. But that wasn’t the crazy part, the brother, who was confessing his love and soul for Carolina was an ex-North Carolina A&T Aggie basketball player.

Isn’t that crazy??
How could — or why would — an ex-Aggie wear a Carolina Tar Heels sweater or shirt especially when he didn’t go to school there or even graduate from there.
That’s totally insane! You would never see a Carolina grad rocking a A&T tee-shirt. NEVER!! This is simply crazy!
It’s like seeing little “Native American” children in kindergarten cheering for the Cowboys as they kill “all the Indians” as they watch a Hollywood Western while singing “One little, Two little Indians…..”

Or better yet, watching little “Native American children” celebrating Thanksgiving with Pilgrim hats on. This is shear madness.

And for all you know-it-alls, no he doesn’t have a son that plays at Carolina. No, he doesn’t have a cousin on the team.

No, he didn’t go to graduate school at Chapel Hill. Now, that I debunked those theories.

So, let me continue.
I remember while playing football at Winston-Salem State in 1992, our athletic trainer Mr. Buddy Taylor — who we called “Mr. T” — looked at me and said this is the only campus where you’ll see students wearing another school’s shirt and team colors.
Oddly, Mr. T, who was a man of wisdom, wit, and intellect was exactly right.
Why were all of these Black college students wearing Duke tee-shirts, Wake Forest sweaters while walking around campus at Winston-Salem State? This was truly a sign of insanity!!
So this is an official letter to all graduates and potential graduates from HBCUs, please take off those Carolina shirts, those Wake Forest Demon Deacons hats, and those Duke Blue Devil shorts!!
No more rocking other schools’ paraphernalia!! Besides, you will never see an Alpha wearing a Kappa shirt. And you will never see an Omega wearing a Sigma hat.
That’s my Black college Greek fraternity analogy. Therefore, if you didn’t go there, don’t go there!! Represent your school, fool! So stop the Madness.
Aggie Pride, Until You Die!! And even though I went to WSSU, I can say that cause my brother and all my cousins went to A&T.