A Weekend Of Contrasts

By Tom Donelson, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: March 23, 2010

IOWA CITY (BASN) — At the beginning of the 11th round, Emmanuel Steward told his fighter Wladimir Klitschko, This is another Ibragimov. You’re letting him off because you don’t punch.”

Klitschko dominated the fight with his jab and occasionally his right but Chambers showed enough defensive skills to avoid many of Klitschko’s sledgehammer punches.

What Chambers did not do was penetrate Klitschko’s defenses to land punches of his own.

Throughout much of the fight, Klitschko controlled the territory within the ring as his jab kept Chambers off balanced and away but he could not knock out Chambers at this point.

Klitschko moved out in the 11th round but he could not end the fight.

While his right landed a couple of times, it was not enough to threaten Chambers, who landed a few blows of his own but they lacked steam.

And if Steward was even more angry when he saw Chambers still standing and he yelled at his fighter, “There’s no way he should be going 12 rounds…you’re volume of punches is too low…it’s not like you’re tired…you got to throw punches…he’s going to run now…we don’t need another bulls**t decision.

Klitschko looked at his trainer and responded, “I will try Emanuel. I will try. Relax.”

Chambers ran and played four corner; looking for one opportunity to go for the one big blow but Klitschko kept his jab moving but missed on big rights as Chambers ducked. Chambers could not connect on that one big punch.

As time ran down, it looked like another bulls**t decision was about to occur.

As Chambers retreated back to the corner and the last fifteen seconds were being counted down, a left hook nailed Chambers to the right side of his head. Chambers went down like a sack of potatoes.

Klitschko got his knockout and reinforced what should be known, he is the best heavyweight champion in the world today. In this bout, Klitschko took control of the fight over a game, technically sound Chambers.

Chambers was (and still is) one of the best heavyweight in the world and while he does not have a one punch knockout, he came into the fight as one of the quicker heavyweight in the world.

All Klitschko did was to defuse that advantage with a sledgehammer jab. Chambers’ speed did not factor in the fight and Chambers ability to slip under Klitschko’s jab felled victim not just to Klitschko jab but his own quick hands.

Through out the bout, Klitschko fought big as Chambers never could mount a consistent offense.

Occasionally, Chambers quick hands landed but these punches were few and became even fewer over the last three rounds.

Klitschko won the fight easily and it is time to recognize the reality that Klitschko is a better fighter than what many boxing pundits are willing to consider.

He has won 54 of 57 fights but many boxing pundits have judged Klitschko not what he has accomplished over the last six rounds, but his three losses including his last lost, a fifth round knockout lost to Lamon Brewster.

Klitschko revenged that lost with a knock out victory and the irony was that he was easily winning their first fight as he easily knocked Brewster from one of the ring to the other for the first 14:30.

A left hook that caught Klitschko and Brewster went on to win that fight. That occurred six years ago but many boxing pundits treat it as it was yesterday and much of what we feel about the Klitschko is based on a distant past.

With Steward in Klitschko’s corner, the Ukrainian fighter has shown improvement in both techniques and conditioning.

Klitschko’s misfortune is that he fights in what is perceive a weak heavyweight division but the division may be underrated as many of best heavyweights fight in Europe and away from the sights of American fight fans.

Klitschko fill arenas and soccer fields in Europe and it doesn’t help that there are no America fighters who can challenged the Klitschko brothers. This has hurt the heavyweight division since without a serious American challenger, the division remains invisible.

Sechew Powell vs Deandre Latimore

Powell’s career was on the fast track two years ago when he lost to Latimore in a seventh round TKO in their first fight.

Latimore went on to fight and lose a split decision to the veteran Cory Spinks and now he was the one ranked higher among junior Middleweights.

Both fighters were involved in a career defining fight and Powell had more to lose.

Latimore was the aggressor but Powell countered effectively in the early rounds.

The fourth round saw Powell nailing Latimore with series of shots at the beginning of the round but Latimore turned the tide briefly with a rally but Powell ended the round by slick boxing and countering.

In the fifth round, Ted Atlas observed that Latimore, the more physical fighter, was not hitting the body effectively and this allowed Powell to move effectively while neutralizing Latimore’s power.

In the sixth round, a Powell straight right jab cut Latimore’s right eye.

Latimore’s right eye started to swell over the next two rounds as Powell’s jab popped Latimore’s face.

If Latimore had the advantages in the opening two frames, Powell jab dominated the middle rounds and his jab extinguished any Latimore offense.

Latimore started to look ineffectual with his attack as he not only failed to jab his way but he started to chase Powell but not cut off his opponent advances. Going into the 11th round, Powell appeared to have the lead on the cards but a straight left by Latimore stunned Powell in the opening minute and Latimore chased Powell throughout the ring.

At the 2:00 mark, Latimore left followed by a right hook buckled Powell legs but Powell survived the round by boxing away from trouble as Latimore failed to finish Powell.

Latimore eye continued to swell and was almost shut as he attempted to turn the tide in the final rounds.

In the last round, Latimore attacked with everything but he failed to stop Powell.

As Powell awaited the decision, he was confident that he erased his lost two years ago. That confidence was rewarded, barely as he won a majority decision but one judge had the fight even where the other two judges had the bout 117-111 and 116- 112 in Powell’s favorite.

This fight put Powell back in the championship hunt as he not only revenged his lost that put his career on hold but he showed that he still had the boxing skills to fight with the best of the junior Middleweights.