This Is Not A Rerun

By Eric D. Graham, BASN Staff Reporter
Updated: February 11, 2010

NORTH CAROLINA (BASN) — It’s considered the “greatest” rivalry in college basketball. Duke vs. Carolina. The Battle of the Blue Bloods. The Battle of Tobacco Road.

It was sloppy. It was ugly. It was intense. It looked bad. It was disappointing.

There were tons of turnovers: Duke had 8, Carolina had 12.

There were several missed shots. Duke shot a lousy (31.9%) from the field. Carolina shot a miserable (34.5%) from the field. Throughout the game, however Duke seemed intimidated by the Tar Heels’ inside presence.

As a result, Carolina blocked 12 shots during the game. Ed Davis had six and freshman John Henson had four.

But in the end, the eighth-ranked Blue Devils bedeviled the Tar Heels by the final score of 64-50 leaving their faithful fans walking out the exit door of the Dean Dome angry and disappointed.

To be truthful, the Tar Heels’ Achilles heel is they can’t shoot. And even with former North Carolina All-America Tyler Hansbrough in the audience, the Heels still couldn’t defeat Duke.

I heard a sports commentator say that losing is contagious and the Tar Heels are proven that statement to be true by losing six of its last seven games. B y losing so many games, the Tar Heels seemed to have lost their confidence. As a result, they have fallen to 13-11 overall (2-7 ACC).

Their next opponent will be the last place inter-conference rival Wolfpack of N.C. State, who currently have a better overall record at 14-11 (2-8 ACC).

State is hungry for an upset. They smell the blood on the struggling Tar Heels.

If UNC loses against the Pack, their chances to participate in the NCAA Tournament will be over unless they win the ACC Tournament.